Thursday, May 30, 2019

More 1/12" miniatures using Dollar Tree Princess headbands and furniture items from Dollar Tree

Farmhouse Kitchen worktable using a Dollar Tree furniture piece and Princess Tiara headbands
Backside of work table

Side view of table

Dollar tree desk in 1/12" scale in toy area made into a Farmhouse work table for the kitchen.

My camera made me believe I was taking pictures of the whole process until I downloaded on my computer.
Instructions and tips will be printed at a later date.  Silver alcohol ink was used for the top of the table, coffee stir sticks were added to the bottom after making a box from square chop sticks the same size as the legs.  Head band was used for the drawer fronts and tops of the mason jar back.  The shelves are flat gears from steam punk jewelry cut in half.  The jar back is thick cardboard and glued on the back and then painted white with a pearlized alcohol ink over the top.  White paint was added to all the rest o the wood.  Airplane glue was used to hold this down until dry along with clothes pins for clamps.  The metal in the headband will not tacky glue.

Another project from Princess headbands from Dollar tree.  The shutter wall hanging on the left is my creation.  The picture on the right is my inspiration.  It is a real size shutter from a Country living advertisement

Once again the instruction step by step pictures are where ever the  others went. This was constructed out of the headbands, coffee stir stick, and a  Dollar tree 4th of July ornament, paper hinges cut from an old book and a Dixie cup for the curve top.   Bunka was used to hide some glue showing, but it adds red  to the 4th theme.  Future instructions on this.

Shutters made from coffee stir sticks and Princess headbands from Dollar Tree.  Simple and easy.  Future instructions on this.

These boxes are available right now at Dollar Tree.  Many possibilities on these mini house themed shadow boxes.  3 Sizes, many altered art fans will grab these up.  Pinterest has quite a few ideas using spools for the pedestal and Tim Holtz paper dolls for interest.  The rest are filled with odds and ends.  Really a great idea for small room boxes or themed ones like say sewing room.  Shelves, sewing machine and chair could be added along with a dress mannequin and sewing basket, perhaps a cat and bolts of material.  A small kitchen could be made in one with a work table and shelf  with the makings for cookies, or Thanksgiving.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Miniature tutorial -1/12" scale washboard made from Dollar Tree Tiara headband-Signs, pans, tub

Mini tutorial using Dollar Tree Tiara headbands

Using a purchased washtub in 1/12" scale, lightly sand the bottom and glue 4 bun feet to the bottom.  These were borrowed from a Dollar Tree Dresser. Since this is metal and wood use E6000 or an airplane craft type glue.  Tacky will just not stick.  Notice the ant paying us a visit on the left side.

This laundry sign is made from the headband material and wood coffee sticks.  Cut 2"x 1" piece of the ripple Dollar Tree Tiara headband.  Using coffee stir sticks glue to the sides  even to top and bottom, clamp with clothes pins or mini clamps until dry.  Then measure and cut a coffee stir stick to the top and bottom, clamp and let dry.  Tacky glue was used on this because you are going to turn it over and repeat with the stir sticks on the other side.  When completely dry sand, to make corers even. This one was painted black and sanded to look old.  The laundry  tag in the center is cut from an advertising magazine.

This is the other side of the sign with a Welcome cut from another magazine add.  Not sanded to look so rustic.  This is reversible .  Jute Twine could be added to hang it up.  This side has more of the galvanized look to it.

Baking sheets made from Dollar Tree Tiara headbands. I don't like to throw anything away if I think there is a use for it.

After assembling Silver Alcohol ink was added to color over all.  Another coat was added when dry and I blotted it on to make it look like galvanized steel.

These are the silver solid ends to the headband.  I cut them to 1" in length and put a square scrap of wood on either side and pressed them in a vice to flatten out a little and make sure they were straight.  This ends still have wire inside.  When flattened out the 1/8" quilling paper was glued all around with tacky glue, put in a square gluing jig and magnets added to the outside to ensure a square dry.  When completely dry Silver alcohol ink was painted on.  When dry another coat was dabbed on to look like galvanized steel.    The rippled cardboard sheet underneath is from a coffee cup protector that was on a coffee purchased on a recent Bus trip.  I couldn't throw it out.,  The ends are on an angle  going opposite directions.  

Close up of laundry sign  1"x 2" in size

Close up reverse side of sign
Mini tutorial on washboard
Starting from the solid end of the headband(not rippled) measure 1/2" of the solid and add 1" of the rippled to it and cut with wire cutters and scissors.  You will have a piece like shown above.  I have found this Headband material is not all the same width, so I will give approx. sizes that I used.  Its very easy to measure a piece of wood up to what piece you have and go from there.

Shown above is the layout of the wood pieces .  Glue 2 thin coffee stir sticks one on top of the other( see right  side) Repeat for the other side. Make sure you clamp these down until dry.  Don't attach yet.  The smaller sticks are sold in most craft stores 144 in a pack.  They are just like the wood matchsticks. Cut one to fit the size of top and bottom  of silver  washboard to be and glue in place.  Cut a piece of coffee stir stick for the bottom divider of the solid silver piece, see above.  Glue these all in place and clamp or use washi tape  to hold down tight until dry.   When dry sand any piece that looks like it overhangs over the board.  Now glue the 2 sticks that were glued together on either side making sure they are level at the top with no overhang.  Let dry.    Cut a coffee stir stick about 1" and glue to the top to create a ledge with a slight hangover on each side. Sand the bottom to a slight angle  so it sits in a wash tub.  Longer in the front to shorter in the back.

That's all there is to it.  I went on the Internet to Washboards, Logan Ohio to get the print of Maid Rite.  This is a real washboard Company.  They sell online. I copied the picture I wanted and shrunk it down.  This is the natural color of the stir sticks, but you could paint or antique the wood and the board anyway you want.   This one  is pending  on a location so it will stay as is for now.

A note about coffee stir sticks.  I recently ran out of these and decided I needed to  get a few more boxes.  They are nice for flooring and the above projects.  They used to be available at restaurant supplier stores in my area.  All these places are in the old part of what used to be the industrial area.  I went to several of them and they no longer sell the wood sticks.  When asked why, they said most of the supply stores won't sell anything disposable.  So after 4 unsuccessful stores, the last one suggested I try a coffee supply service.  She even called a couple and found one that had them and gave me the address.  I don't know why this did'nt come to my mind, but maybe they were wholesale only.
I went to the store and ordered 2 boxes, and the women that waited on me had a voice that sounded very familiar,  It donned on me when given my receipt it was the coffee service that the company where I  worked had used.  I mentioned that I used to talk to her every week  to place our coffee order.  We stood and and talked for a long time and were happy to put a face to the voice.  The last thing she said was "You were always so very nice to Me." I appreciated that.

Coffee stir sticks are 5-1/2" long,   1/8" wide, 1000 to a box and I paid $6.00 for a box.  They are not quite as wide as they used to be.    There is another stick that craft stores have that is 1/4" wide and 75 to a package, called Fun sticks for about $1.00 a package that are nice too.  The old stir sticks were somewhere between the current stir stick and the Fun sticks.They are easy to stain and paint, or leave natural and put a oak colored stain on them for oak floors.

I recently purchased This UV resin on EBay.  The 2 part Resin just didn't do it for me.  Over a few years it turns yellow and yellow water just doesn't cut it.  This is Decor Rom brand  Hard- 60 G- transparent, quick curing and toxic free.  You can cure with a UV light or sunshine.  It cures in the sun in 5-20 minutes. The result  with this was very pleasing  and it was rock hard when turned it out of my molds.  In my next blog I will share my molds and what was made with them..  

There are 5 more projects sitting on my work table just waiting for tweaking and photographing.  All are made from Dollar Tree Tiara headbands.  Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Miniature trash can from diabetes test strip container and Dollar Tree Princess Tiara Headband-remake

Trash can remake 2019
To see my original trash to treasure trash can the link is below.

To make the new trash can you will need a hinged container from a diabetes test strips,round pull tab from Almond milk or orange juice, beef broth.  Each brand  of test strip container is a different size so there are no dimensions.  The thin round pull tabs can be used for handles and a lid handle.  I opted not to do this, maybe just add a foot pedal opener on it.

When assembled and glue was dry, Alcohol silver ink was applied and allowed to dry.  You may have to add 2 coats on this.  The can takes  paint and antiquing very well if you want to age it up.

Measure off  3 pieces of the Dollar Tree headband to fit snug after glued.  Used a strong tacky glue and glue butting the top and also the bottom.  There will be a space in the middle.  I used a piece of Velcro to wrap around the whole thing to allow to dry flat and snug against the container.  When dry cut the 3rd piece with the wire being the center to cover up the center as shown below.  Glue and apply Velcro to the small piece and allow to dry overnight.  Make sure all your seams are in the back lined up and also lining up with the hinge in the lid

Add a small piece of black garbage bag inside with the sides overflowing and them find anything that would be trash.  I did not fill this one yet because it will be used in my bakery or other shop.

This is a much better version and more realistic one.  Reminds me of the very heavy ones we had as a kid.
If you are new to my Blog please check my archives for this month of May and also April for other Dollar Tree Tiara headband ideas.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Miniature Thrift finds and Dollar Tree Tiara headband for roofing material

Thank you for the comments on my last post using Dollar Tree Tiara Head bands.  It occurred to me there are a lot of things that could be made with them.  I worked all day on quite a few projects but the glue is not drying real fast.  It has been quite rainy here and damp.  When those are done I will post them.  They are all country Farmhouse decorating pieces.  

You all know my love affair with log cabins.  This one was picked up at a thrift store for .75 cents.  I painted it brown and used the Dollar Tree tiara headband(found in the party area) for roofing.  This would be like steel roofing used in the old days and making a resurgence again lately.  Guaranteed to last over 50 years, whats not to like.   I will eventually age this out and put grouting in between the logs.  

Found this round wreath for .50 cents.  Very small leaves, just right for mini decorating,  the picture just does not show how small

.25 cents for this 3 piece fondant cutter.  Hexagons of 1-1/2"- 1" and 1/2"
This will be used to cut Fimo clay for tiling, flooring or patio block..

Found a whole stack of material with this soft buffalo check in it.  Will be perfect for tiny blankets or bedspreads, table clothes.

This is a soft tiny herringbone jean material that was in that stack.
It is just as tiny as the picture shows it.  Jeans, men's suits, upholstery material

This school desk was in a free box.,  It is 1/12" scale but the apple, pencil and paper is a lot  of scale for this little desk.  The books are nice.  This could be used as a pattern for more for a school room.  Never miss the free box, another persons trash could be your treasure.

The little suitcase box underneath was 1.00 and is a game of some kind. Its either old or a remake of a game.  I just liked the hinge and metal handle and wood grain on the top.

This was also in the free box.  Looks like part of Noah's Ark.  But it is wood grained and has 3 windows inside.

Could be a diorama or restaurant scene outside looking in.

These are foam beads found at the Dollar Tree at Easter, but mine has them still in the Craft area.  They have them in every color packages, and this one with  a variety of them all.  I got them  to fill mini jars, could be candy, marbles, decorations for cakes and cookies.  There are a variety of sizes in there.  A basket of colored Easter Eggs maybe?

There have been a ton of beautiful beads come across my path lately.  Never pay more than 1.00 a bunch, bag or jar.  These are glass ones and look like bottles or lamps in the making to me.

This is the best find of all.  This hand bag was originally $20.00 at a Thrift store.  The beads are beautiful and I could see lots of perfume bottles in a tiny dresser with this.  Will the last time I went it was $2.00!!  The clerk said probably kids had picked the strings and some of the beads were missing.  There are probably 500 beads on this thing, and the price was certainly right.  I will probably make vanity sets and make bags of beads to sell on Ebay or Etsy.  There are just tons in my stash.  Too good to pass up!

Learning to MIME!  It's Saturday, You are not going to Grandma's today!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Miniature Tutorial from Thrift Store find-Bakery or lunch lady cooling rack on wheels

Mini cooling rack for bakery or lunch lady cafeteria.  This is made from a vintage Magazine  slide changer.
Notice the wheels. They are made from the toy chain I picked up at a thrift shop and blogged about yesterday.

Here is what the box looks like, it holds 36 2x2" slides and is made of aluminum
The changer is 5 1/2" high and 2" on the depth and width.  I paid $2.00 for it.

This is what it looks like standing up.    I took out every other one of the slides so there would be room for food.
Each slide was covered with a piece of heavy aluminum foil on cardboard for the tray.  I looked in my food boxes and found enough to used without having to bake anything.

These are the little toy chains.  I cut the claw top off and ended up with a wheel with a cog and a flat top.  After sanding to make sure it was flat, each was super glued on the bottom on each corner and allowed to dry.  After drying I painted the wheel portion black and used Alcohol silver ink to paint the shank and cog.  Gluing these on made the cooling rack 6" total which is about what they stand in real life.  I used to be a Lunch Lady when my kids were in school.  We used these a lot and wheeled them into the cooler at night.

The back is partially open, I glued the Princess headband from Dollar Tree  in 3 sections on cardboard cut to the back side.  Allow to dry with a book on top and then glue on the back with the book for weight and allow to dry.  This carries out the vent look as on the sides.  This headband is heavy aluminum paper with metal inside.  Do not use super glue on it, the fumes will turn it a different color, unless you want it to look old.

These slide changers are starting to come on the market now.  I remember them from childhood, but slides were never fun.  That's all we had, nothing like today's movies and pictures.  When visiting and someone said lets look at vacation slides, suddenly everyone had something to do.  I checked EBay the other day and there are lots of these for sale.  Some are asking atrocious amounts.  I paid $2.00 at a thrift store.  There are several people selling theirs for $1.99 and and about 3.00 postage on EBay.  If you know what the box looks like, flea markets would have these.  They are very light weight and should ship First class under 13 ounces.
On the box it says Magazine for automatic Airequipt slide changer.  Holds 36- 2x2 slides.

EBay search for Airequipt slide changer will bring them right up.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Miniature Thrift Shopping-You never know what you will find

Hi Everyone. Apologies for not posting this month, and here's the reason why!

It has been a great pleasure to meet my new Grandson and watch my daughter grow into a capable and confidant new mother.  I don't want to do anything but hold this little one.  This picture setting is so cute and will be a miniature one in the near future.

The Thrift shops are always a diversion for me and the finds have been plentiful.  Everyone must be spring cleaning.    check out this website.  If you are traveling to a new location on vacation all you do is put in the zip code and all the Thrift shops will come up in that area.  I tried it for my area and found a few not known about and added a couple that were not listed.

These must have been out for Easter. What a find  of these tiny chicken sets just right for a 1/12" garden.  They are resin and were .25 cents each.

You probably have seen these bead looms.  This one was $1.00.  Also the threads were beside it.  Very old Tapestry thread from the Royal /Society Made in England.  Silk and wool.  The idea came to me that it would make a very good scale size loom for rugs or place mats in 1/12" scale.  This one was made from the old threads.

This being my first try, the bugs are being worked out so maybe a tutorial will be forthcoming.

One discovery was a single thread woven does not show the under thread like I wanted to.  See the 4 rows on the right.  The next 3 rows show the brown threads coming thru when  double stands of the same thread and the under thread came thru.

This one is just maybe a hall runner but the loom could make a larger one.  Not very good instructions with this and the beads are tiny, don't think I could figure it out with those instructions.  This was fun and will be a future tutorial. 
A really neat wooden spool of sparkle trim, perfect for Halloween decorating.  5 feet for $1.00

These tiny paper punches are a real gem find.  .25 cents each and they are tiny Christmas ornaments that  will be used  for Christmas cookies.  Just the right size.  Star, snowman, stocking, candy cane, mitten and tree

This is a 1/12" resin chair that set me back .50 cents. It  will be covered in real material.

This wonderful metal treasure chest was .50 cents.  A pirate chest to fill with treasures.  It looks to be sterling silver with the patina.  Inside is lined with velvet.  Just right for 1/12" scale.  No treasure or diamonds were found inside, just a penny for my thoughts.

A bear with no markings and this wonderful car.  The scale would be a mini scale child's play car.    .25 cents each.

This boat will undergo a lot of change but for .50 cents and will  make a perfect Steam Punk bed.  The basics are there.  It is a child's small bath toy.  The wood grain will show perfectly with a coat of paint and antiquing over it.

The best lavender for mini plants was found at Walmart for .97 cents.  The picture does not do it justice.  It really looks real and has the frosty appearance of Lavender.  A future Tutorial. 

This is the best find for .25 cents.  It is a toy?  Look closely at the chain and  see wheels for carts and parts for Steam punk items.  These break apart in tiny sections and interlock.

Can you see the cart wheel? ( very bottom)

These were also .25 cents and interlock.  Wheel, curtain rod holder?
Well as you see from these finds I have found some inspiration for lots of new tutorials. These are  shared with you to maybe inspire or help see things in a new way.  Always open for suggestions of how you would use or remake them.