Saturday, September 8, 2018

Mini finds for Halloween

These adorable dressed puppies are perfect for 1/2" scale  mini scenes. 

Lemax Spooky Village.  I will be using in my Halloween room box started last year and not quite finished yet.

This is a stretched 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" canvas found at Dollar Tree.  It is bright and colorful and when set behind dolls or other miniatures it makes a perfect backdrop for a photo shoot 

This is from Dollar Tree as well.  Another stretched canvas.  This is a exact replica of the barn that used to be on my property until it fell down in a wind storm.  I plan on painting it red and use this for a photo backdrop for minis.

1/2" scale tomb stones from Lemax Spooky town.  They could be used in 1/12" scale just smaller tombstones.  I was amazed at the price difference buying them at Meinards vs. Michaels.  $2.99 at Meinards vs.$4.99 at Michaels.  I also got 11% back at Meinards.  Michaels would be 40% with a coupon but still the price is more.   Meinards is a builder supply store usually down the street from Lowes.

The day is rainy out so I take the time to write after a long absence.  When people tell you after retiring it will be busier than ever, take heed to their words.  The beginning of the year after spending all winter organizing and being couped up inside, I decided to write a list of all the things that needed done outside the house.  The first sign of Sunshine in March inspired me to begin on that list.
Outside has become my favorite place to be this summer.

This list could have went around the world at least once.  It has narrowed down to a few pages now.
In taking a break from life indoors and miniatures, I have been instilled with a lot of inspiration for new things and projects for this winter.  So it has been a win win situation.

I started selling items found during my cleaning and organization on Ebay and that has helped in cleaning my house and getting rid of overstock.  A lot of items were found that were forgotten about,
and a lot of projects that were abandoned went to Ebay for others to treasure.  Miniaturists are the greatest people. 

My house chimney got a large crack in it and had to be repaired. It turned out to be a costly fix and had to be rebuilt.  So the raccoon stories are at an end.  To prevent winter rent free boarding inside the chimney 3 roofs were installed over the flues.  When talking to neighbors they have the same problem in the winter time with chimney boarders.  I think they are retaliating because they are now using my porch and deck as their personal potty and carrying away all my solar lights from my flower pots.  Why would a raccoon need a solar light?  It was caught red handed carrying the solar light from the flower pot.  The post had been removed to make it shorter.  After a reprimand in the middle of the night of "Drop it" from the bedroom window, it whined a little and did as it was told.

The hint of Fall is in the air and Halloween is right around the corner.  I have enjoyed the stores with the Fall displays and getting inspiration for mini projects.  I have just a few more windows to paint outside and I am putting that list away.  Time to get out the minis and play!

I have been planning a mini vacation all summer, and now that the temp has dropped  I plan on going for a few days.  The destination is the  miniature museum in Maysville, Ky and the Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, Ky.  A mini vacation all about minis. If the GoPro camera works I will feature the highlights here for you to enjoy.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Miniature Fairy Garden in 1/12" scale using Dollar Tree Figures

This is a 1/12" scale Fairy Garden.  Click the picture to enlarge for detail.  This is the first ceramic bath set I ever poured and a crackle glaze was used.  It was going to be used in a Haunted house, but this came to mind after purchasing the figures at Dollar Tree.

In this picture you can see the crackles.  The back was a little heavier than the front so I found a silver chess piece that fit perfect for the back and it looks like part of the drain plumping.    The flowers in the toilet are all paper, and the fern in  the sink is a  plastic  palm tree cut to pieces and glued into a basket made of needlework cloth. painting a coat of brown over wash to  take the plastic look away.

The garden plants are all fake sedum plants.  A store had balls of them and I picked the parts off.  The tub has been filled with floral foam, a layer of glue and them sand.  The plants and people are glued on top.  The other pieces that Dollar tree had to go with these little ones were too tall for this scene.  They will be used in the larger garden.

Dollar General has a lot of Fairy Garden items.  The Easter egg tree has the basic bones but needs a little work.  The large cactus is great, but I will doctor it up a bit too.  This was a new experience for me and I was really impressed with the variety of Home Decorating items they have there too.  If you like Farm County decorating they have a really nice selection of things and not as cheap as Dollar Tree but most under $5.00.  This store is in a congested area and they lack parking, so I never stopped in.  This day I went by right when they opened and no one was there.

I finally found a set of truck tires for my Red Truck.  In the Boy's toy area for $1.00 they had cardboard race cars that can be built from a kit.  The tires have axles and a wind up device to make it move.

Here is the egg tree remade up next to my 25 cent thrift store bunny bear.  The eggs were painted with acrylic paint and then several coats of glittered nail polish  (Dollar Tree) were added to give it shine.  Silk ribbon bow was added on top of the resin one.

The cactus pot was painted Terra- cotta, silver sand was  added to the base and a coat of Mod-podge was painted on the cactus part and green flocking was sprinkled on top and allowed to dry.  After it was dry I added a coat of matte spray varnish on the flocking.

St. Patrick's themed Chair-just for fun.

This chair was created just for fun.  A bit of green material and lace plus a dog head cut from material .  The legs and arms are from a game called Cootie bug, from a thrift store.  I don't know how old it was.

The chair is from a pattern taken from Bentley House Production Minis.  If you go on You tube, she has a video on how to put a basic upholstered chair together.  She provides a link to go to and print off the basic pattern of the chair. I made the basic  one she has the tutorial on and added my own designs to it.  I enjoy her tutorials very much.

If you watch you tube there is a Documentary called Of Dolls and Murder.  This is an hour long and you get tours of the mini forensic displays built by Francis Glessner Lee in the 1930's and 1940's.
They are called Nutshell studies and are still used as teaching tools for  CSI forensics and detectives today.  This documentary was filmed  while they were on display at the National Library of Medicine. 
Francis Glessner Lee was a child and women of privilege, inheriting the  International  Harvester fortune.  She was not allowed to go to college, only the men in the family.  She could contribute her talent for a worthy cause, and started building these mini scenes of murder as teaching tools at her own expense.

Another You Tube worth checking out is Certainly Caroline.  This talented lady is a Fimo artist in love with Fairy Gardens.  She makes every thing in 1/12" scale, but displays them in the real outdoors and sets the scene up with a Fairy tale.  She includes her miniature art tutorials in each episode.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Antique lace and doily -1/12" remake couch and mini finds

Antique lace and doilies cover this  old wood couch piece from the early days of miniatures
Underneath is a small pink rose calico  Click on picture to get a larger version

Back side of couch  click on picture to get a larger detail
Wood couch before curved back

Cotton batting was applied to front and back with tacky glue.  
Extra layers of batting were applied to the back and the arm were built up with a couple of layers since there was no padding in the arms

After batting dried I used calico material and glued onto each section to cover the batting. It does not have to be perfect because the lace and doilies will be glued on top of the calico.  Next I pulled out my stash of antique laces and doilies.  I once got a huge bag of dressmakers lace and I used a lot of that.  It was like working a jig saw puzzle to find just the right placement.  Fabric glue was used on the lace, it does not dry hard and is not shiny or stain when dry.  The legs were painted white.  The underside was lined with calico.  This remake will be in my Daisy  Shabby Hill .  
A treasure from Dollar Tree.  Remember the light Bright pegs?  This is a mini version.  3 x 3" square on the box.  Batteries go inside and a light lights up the little circles and the pegs.  Well this got torn all apart to see how this works.  The box will now be on my work table.  You know how you need something to hold tiny wires, flowers toothpicks  until they dry?  These little holes do the job.  Inside is a panel board that holds the batteries.  Attached is a  LED light  This could be built into a project that needed a little light

The pegs are incredibly small.  Not the same size of the original ones.  These are not for children under 3 but state 5+.
I think they could be adapted into nail polish bottles, or glue bottles.  Many colors are inside each box of 50 pieces.

This is from Walmart in the Easter section.  It says it is a basket tutu but I see at least 2 skirts for 18" dolls or a lot of material for miniature design.  It is all one piece and each color blends into the other.  It is tulle and has sparklies all over it.

This string of beads was found at Walmart in the basket stuffer section.  36 colorful plastic crystal beads and  silver beads in the center of each.  Bottles of perfume for the dressing table?

Dollar Tree in the hold your glasses on section.  Beautiful colors and the selection of just this one would make quite a few bottles and potions.

Hobby Lobby in the Fairy Garden, Floral section.  Forest Naturals.  These are tiny, seasoned and dried birch logs with bark.  There are 10 pieces total.They are very light weight and easy to saw with a band saw.  I am going to make some rustic  wood platters for cake plates and stepping stones for my Fairy Garden.  Good deal with 40% off coupon.

I found these  2-1/2" square hand embroidered ornaments at a thrift store.  The whole lot cost me 25 cents.  Someone put a lot of beautiful work into these and someone did not appreciate it.  I plan on making seat covers for chairs with them.  The beads on 2 of them are swaroski crystals and lots of them.  Once again bottle tops for potion and perfume bottles.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Signs for miniature Farm House Decorating and Book Organizer made with Dollar Tree items.

Signs made with wooden laser cut animals and scrap wood
1-1/2"x 3/4" 

Signs made with laser cut animals and people same size as above and covered with scrapbook paper. Ducks in a row, chicken in front of a white picket fence.  The We are Family sign is using 2 sizes of the people.  This idea could be used for a family to reflect all the children in the family.  The sign could say Welcome and the Family name as well.  The little fence was cut out with my Cricket Cutter.  Hertiage cartridge has the fence, it is 1/2" in size. 
These are the people and animals used.  Studio Calico Wood Veneer die cut wood pieces. I purchased them at Jo-Ann Fabrics, but most craft shops have these.  The people have about 57 pieces and 4 sizes of the men and women.  The animals have about the same amount of pieces and 4 sizes of multitude of animals.  I like the animal set, so many sizes make it possible for many projects.  These paint easy with acrylic paint, I used magic markers for mine.

Now these are the same wood but covered with scrapbook paper..  I drew up a tiny bunny and painted it on the paper.  A 3mm white pom-pom was used for the tail.  The plastic carrot was in my stash.  This is a miniature version of the sign at Dollar Tree that sells out as soon as they get it in.    

This little Bunny Butt is only 1" tall.  It is a bunny digging out the carrots.  This was popular last year.

The feet and ears were cut from foam sheet from craft store.  I just realized I put the ears on backwards.  The pink is just a marker drawing the ears and pads on the feet.  3mm white pom pom for the tail and 5mm for the butt.  I did not have grey so I painted it with acrylic paint.  The carrots were from my stash and the green is deer moss from Dollar Tree.  Styrofoam in the inside with coffee grounds on top will hold the carrots in until dry.  Glue the Grey pompom on and feet.  Ears go on last, but don't put them on backwards like me.  I was just so excited in all the items  being made and wanted to post them today.

This is the beginning of my tool organization area for my work table.  They are all sturdy gift boxes found at Dollar Tree.  The lid has a magnet in it so it snaps shut.  When I saw so many different sizes I instantly thought of a book shelf.  So my mind started creating something right there in the store.  It took 4 graduating each smaller in size boxes to do this.  The little one on the end I already had.  They were in the Stationery and gift box area.
I cut the end out of each one, which is the top where you will put tools in.  The scrapbook paper is from Authentique collection.  The books are on 2 sheets of this paper and the rest all harmonize with it.  The fronts were covered in the books. The sides and inside were lined with paper.  All raw edges including the tops have washi tape to seal them off.  Hot glue all together.  The trinkets are from Tim Holtz, available at Joanne Fabrics.  I love how this turned out.  It is a pleasure to have all my tools right in front of me instead of spread all over the table.  I could never figure out what washi tape was for.  Now I know and I really like it.  Many uses in miniature work as well as scrap booking.  

The back side is lined with a gold striped paper in the same collection to resemble pages.    I have more I will share with you when they are completed.  It is so wonderful to have an organized space.  I am still working on it all, but it is so easy now to do a project knowing where everything. is.

The news says we are in for another big snow storm.   I have plenty to keep me busy and like last year I have an unpaid border again living in my chimney.  It is a lot quieter than last years border, but I think there are marbles from my bowling ball fail that it is playing with.  Raccoons like to haul pretty things back to their nest.  The other evening, the moon was full and I noticed a shadow out the side of my eye in the window.  I pulled back the curtain and there was a  Raccoon sitting on the window sill.   It waved at me!!  Then slowly turned and crawled up the tapered chimney right next to the window.  I recon its pretty warm in the chimney since it is over the furnace right below. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Valentine one room School House and Mini finds

One room School House ready for Valentines day.

I am sorry about Valentines coming and going with no post or tutorial.  I had the reshare of this picture in the blog Drafts all ready to go and it just slipped on by.  I decided to do a toxic cleanse at the beginning of the month to try and get rid of this continuing sinus issue.  Needless to say it worked but I really was under the weather for quite a few weeks.  Working on my minis wasn't  on the agenda, but I did get a lot of organization done.  Now I can find everything.  Thanks to Dollar tree for all the styles of organization containers they carry.  So I will post this Valentine picture and share a few mini finds and ideas I came across in my resting time.

This is a one room school house.  My Father went to a one room school house until he went to high school.  There were 8 grades in one school.  Of course they had to walk or ride their horse to get there.  Melscheimer  School was and is the name of the school and it still stands today not far from my own home.  Portrayed are some of the toys they might have played with.   The pot bellied stove is a salt shaker with a flexible straw for the stove pipe.  The pictures of  George and Abe are from an online site and I put them into frames and used Mod podge dabbled over to appear as painted oils.  The globe was a pencil sharpener 
This marble paper is from the scrapbook area at Tuesday Morning.  It is just the right size for topping off furniture using glaze or Mid-Podge to seal.  Looks just like real marble.  40 sheets for $1.00.
Another Tuesday Morning scrap book area treasure.  These are so tiny and just right for 1/12" scale minis.  I will make banners with the Reset Girl tags and the other pack of paper tags are about 1" in size, just right for a mini desk.
These are Sally Hansen fake nails covers.  They are self adhering like tape and each pack has 16 strips in each.  The patterns were checked and a crackled brown.  I saw tiny book covers for premade paper books.  

This is a thrift store find for 25 cents.  The sticker inside was Gorilla Rack productions.  I don't know if that's Gorilla Glue or not but there was a dozen of these plastic L shapes.  I got them for corner holders while things dry such as the dresser.  One side is smooth and the other side has a ridge in the center which you could stand things up in while they dry.  I was thrilled with these and have used them several times this week.

Went into Walgreen's to get RX filled and the Valentines Day items and Candy was marked down to 90%.  These little metal purses were 20 cents, about 2x3 inches in size and  filled with gummy lipsticks.  I thought they would be perfect for gift packages for mini treasures at Miniature Conventions.  The handle is sturdy rope screwed into the metal.  I got all 10 of them.  Adorable!

Walgreen's 90% these came in at 20 cents as well.  They are supposed to be Diamond ring erasers.  I see mini tires and bases for tables or overstuffed chairs.  My red truck project has been on hold because  tires could not be found.  I think this might work.

Hobby Lobby 40% off item.  Just right for 1/12" mini people.  I might paint it red, I don't know.  It is resin and I'm sure you will see it again someday on this blog with a new life.

Dollar Tree notebook.  It is covered with low nap fuzzy fur and hearts.  One of my favorite thing is hearts.  I saw a bed cover or blanket. It is so bright and colorful, plus the paper inside will come in handy for all my future ideas.  These were not in the office supply area, but in a odd area next to the check out counters along with other trinkets for children.

These are Dollar tree finds as well.  Similar to the Lego and about the same size.  There are boys and girls in the respective area with the toys.  The wigs come off and they are under 1 inch tall.  They sit down, and  could be  dressed  and wigged  for a toy doll under a Christmas tree or sitting on a child's bed.

Well that's all for today.  While resetting my energy I came up with a lot of ideas for future tutorials.
I will finish the lovely cakes that were started and planned for Valentines day.   
Gelatin desserts from window clings
Easter has a lot of possibilities
Red Truck extravaganza-I have been talking a lot about this but putting the plans on paper and finding the things necessary to complete it are another story.
Unique upholstered chairs
How to print material on your color printer
Making flowers with Japanese water color paper
Making upholstered chairs out of Dollar Tree neck ties
Mini slippers from pony tail ties
Fish bowl and Magic rocks (from my childhood)  turtle home
Fantasy-magical plants from history's lore's and legends and movies
A fairy garden tree planter made with Mod-podge and paper towels-messy but fun
Mannequins out of Captain American toys from Dollar Tree
Hat stands from wood  and maybe a few fancy hats

So that's just a few things to look forward to.  Now that everything is organized it won't take me quite so long to find the items needed for the projects.  I found things long forgotten about, and  overabundance of some things that I will probably list on EBay soon under the same name as my Blog site.   I have lots of books and magazines as well.  I looked through them all!
The Sun has made an unusual appearance today so I think I will go outside and enjoy it while it lasts.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Snowmen pillow and rugs, New Fairy Garden items for 2018, True snow icing, Tuesday morning

Tiny snowmen pillows  1" round heads and 1/4" on the hat.  The inspiration came from large size ones I was crocheting for my couch. 
This is the last of the snowman projects.  I have had it with the snow.  The snowman in the front is a rug, with the needle across the bottom layer that was used to crochet it. The yarn is DMC  crewel yarn in white from Joanne Fabrics.    The instructions for the circles to crochet for the snowmen are in my last blog  of the snowman table and chairs.   The pillows are crocheted to 1 inch and the rug  1-1/2" bottom layer, 1-1/4" middle layer and the head 1 ".  I glued each on top of blue foam sheet  to make the rug.
The large Fairies are from last year.  Dollar Tree just put out the smaller ones.  I would say they are 1/2 scale.  They also have about the same houses as last year, but there are about 3 sets with birdbaths, signs, wheelbarrow,etc to go with this new size.  If you look real close some of them are painted very nice and won't have to be touched up.
Pat Catans is my local craft  store owned by Michael's now.  Darice is their brand.  The above items are in their Fairy Garden area.  Each for $2.99 .  The cactus and cups and saucers could be used in 1/12" scale but the trunk and suitcase are 1-1/2" in width.  They could be used in a child's room.  The theme on their Fairy Garden this year is Knights, Dragons, Castles.  A lot of really cute furniture but it would be 1/2" scale.

I said I would give this Aileen's True Snow a try for cake icing. This is True Snow without the glitter.  This is white and does have some shimmer in it, but it does go on like real icing.  A #13 star tip Wilton was used in a plastic bag and the end cut off.  Push the snow in and wrap and press out the end, like a real cake decorator.  The star will come out but a tip forms.  Let dry about 10 minutes and then push in and it goes away.  It dries light and stays true to form.  I used 2 Styrofoam chips for the cake on the top of the snow container.  The wedding cake is from a  layered face cream top.  I will work with this more, try to color it and see what it does.  It really looks like whipped cream  icing when dry.  The cake on the top has little silver beads sprinkled all over the top and side bottom. 

These little beauties are American Girl  2" tall.  I found them at Tuesday Morning for $1.99.  On the back it shows 8 total are available.  They are about 2 inches tall.  They move at the knees and arms, the clothes, heads, feet and arms all pop out, the hair pops off.  They call them beads, like pop beads from long ago.  I think they will fit in as a walking doll in  my 1/12" miniature scenes.  They are just too cute.  I never saw these before, mini versions of the larger dolls.

At Tuesday Morning this week they had the Ott light table version on sale from $60.00 down to $19.99.  I purchased one and put it on my work table.  What a difference it made.  We have not had sunshine in quite a while and I noticed when I worked upstairs with my light, it did not bother me so much with no sunlight.  These lights are the same brightness as outside daylight and the color is more accurate than many other lights.  Closer to the real thing.

They also got a shipment of new paper in that included Graphic 45.  This paper is a heavier construction and usually themed.  This week was Kentucky derby and men's safari themes.  The prints are mini prints and will go nicely into 1/12" projects and altered books and frames.
If  you watch You tube search for altered books and frames.  I  found a lot of ideas for miniature boxes and frames for gifts using miniatures and all the wonderful paper and ephemera that is available right now.  

If you are into watching You Tube here is one that will fascinate you.  Square to Spare is a  Miniature crafter with great ideas.  She has taken a month to construct a miniature version of the Winchester house in California.  It is made out of cardboard, coffee stir sticks, and Popsicle sticks.  Paint and glue.  That's it and it is fantastic!!  It really does not have to be expensive to be a really great construction.  
The movie about the history of this Bizarre House was released  in the past few months. I haven't saw it yet, but know the history.  The Winchester Gun Manufacturer  widow went to a fortune teller and was told she had to continue to build on this house  forever to atone for the people who had died by the Winchester gun.  There are halls and doors that lead to no where.  The workmen worked 24/7 on this house until Mrs. Winchester died.  It is open to the public for tours.