Thursday, February 23, 2012

1950's Soda Shoppe
Double click on picture to see the detail.

This is a room box of my 1950's memorys of the drive in hot spots when I was a kid.  You could drive in and a roller skated young lady would take your order or you could go in and sit and listen to juke box music for a dime.  We had the Hamburg Inn with sawdust on the floor.  This helped the guys slide better down the long counter with your food.  The real show man would slide your food down the counter and run and slide on the sawdust to see if he would arrive before your food would.  Probably not in the sanitary code with the health dept these days.

Then there was Jacks Kwick Shake, a local hangout much like above.  Family owned and great food.  Every one knew each other.  I remember when the first McDonalds opened in town.  15cents for a hamburg, fries or milkshake.  It was not long before our drive ins were out of business.

I purchased the records, soda bottles and juke boxes from a cake decorating store.  They have great novelty items.  the school penents are from online advertising.  The dolls I made,I especially like the poodle skirt.  I had one just like it.  The stools are made of door stoppers, the rubber topped things that used to stop the door from hitting the walls.  They cant be seen in the picture but behind the counter are ice cream in tubs that can be hand dipped. The ice cream dishes on the back wall are clear thumb tacks.  Silver thumb tacks are the milkshake containers.  Also there are burgers on a  grill.  Milk shake machines are of unpainted metal.  The rugs I found at a garage sale.  They were awards for a bowling league, sew on patches. The checked paper is wallpaper which I applied Modge Podge on.
The booths are dollar store furniture as well as the tables.

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