Monday, February 13, 2012

Attic Room Box Hide-A-way  Double click onto picture to enlarge and see details.

When I was a kid the favorite place to be on a rainy day was in the attic.  We had one of those disapearing staircases in the hallway.  It came down like a door and then the steps slid down to the floor.This room box is a replica of our attic.It has   Studs with newspaper inbetween, I used coffee stir sticks  for the flooring and also the lathes that show .  It has a jumble of holidays represented as well as numerous generations of clothing and artifacts.   It was a place we could be a kid, and when we were done, close the door.  The only time we were not allowed was Christmas because thats were the packages were hid.   Each article has a meaning to me, but it could be a good way to use and store some of those items you dont have aplace  for right now.

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