Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bakery Room box.  click on pictures for more detail

This is a 2 sided room box.  One is the baker man doing his thing.  The other side is all the baked goods in the store of the bakery.  This was l lot of fun to make.  I try to inject humor into each box that I do.  If you notice there is a mouse in the house, the dough bowl is running over, the box of raisins have spilled, the milk pail has fell over, flour is all over the place, the puppy is hiding under the table.  This really is my kitchen each time I bake.  I am not a Martha Stewart type baker.  Things happen!  Of course she has people to clean up after her. 
 Most of the food is Fimo clay baked in the oven.  I have a couple of salt dough creations from the early 70's.  I kept them just for nostalgia reasons.  That is all we had to work with then.  The salt did work its way out, but I dipped them in Modge Podge and it stopped the leaching out.
  Bread dough creations were also an early version of the clay creations. It was basically soft white bread with a dab of glue kneaded into a soft clay and food color or paint added . I did have bugs with that, but it was lovely to work with and did stay in the position you created it.  Fimo is still the best and will last forever after baking.  I have never had problems with raw Fimo eating its way into plastic, though they say it will.  I store into zip lock baggies in a box.  Never had a problem.

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