Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GENERAL STORE.  Double click to enlarge the picture for details.

My Great, Great, Great, Grandfather was the first settler in Pike Township.  He was a farmer, but in his house he also had a general store.  Always had a fascination with all the goods in an old store.  Lehmillers General store was like that in the town I grew up in.  I made the furniture from a Scientific kit form the 1970's.  They were great kits.  The floor is tongue depressers.  Most of the items were from collecting for years.  This is one of my favorite room boxes. 

I taught a group of boys and girls 8-10 year olds how to make a general store out of cigar boxes and recycled materials.  They really enjoyed it.  After 25 years I met one of the boys I had in class and he still had his and told me what a great learning experience he had doing that.  Oh, and he also enjoyed the cookies I baked every week, and the cakes I baked for their birthdays.  We always had great attendance.!

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