Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cow Room Box
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The home I live in is the farm my Grandfather built and established is 1865. I grew up learning to live and care for animals of all kinds.  One of my favorites was the black and white milk cow.
This room box is dedicated to that and once matched my real kitchen back in the 80's.

There are over 200 items in this box that are cow related.  Most of the items I made myself.  The bed has milk bottles on pencils.  The pictures are mostly cut out of books and poster adds.  The rocking cow I cut out of cardboard  put onto rockers.  The doll on the bed was made by me and I made the udders out of Fimo.  I did this before it became popular at Halloween.  Also at the time cow collecting was quite popular.

This is a favorite room box where children are.  A local library used it for a prize.  How many cow items are there?  It was fun to put together.   I usually do my room boxes with the same strategy.   Do research , make and acquire items then stay up all night and assemble and glue into the room box.  I can't stop once I start.  I put on a big pot of coffee and away I go.  Then I step away from it a couple of days and go back and see if it still meets my satisfaction.

Hope you enjoy this room  as much as I do!

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