Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dave the Potter -- part 2  click for details on picture

I posted  3 pictures earlier and it did not allow me enough room to write about the room box.  When I went to the library one day a book fell off the shelf and hit me on the head.  The Book was Carolina Clay- The life and legend of the slave potter -Dave, by Leonard Todd

This was the inspiration for the room box, a great way to display the pottery I had made.  I made the dolls, pottery all wood items.  The bee hive oven to fire the pottery was made from a large Styrofoam ball that I carved bricks into.  The first one got ate by the dog. 

Dave was a potter in the Carolina's  during the Civil War.  He was famous for his pots that were large enough for 4 people to get into.
About 100 of his pots are known to exist today.  It was not allowed for slaves to read or write, but Dave defied all odds and wrote his name, date and poetry and Bible verses on his.  What was also remarkable was he only had 1 leg.  His pots have been at the Smithsonian Museum and a recent auction of  one of his pots brought a price tag of 100,000.

The face jugs  according to African American History are said to have been made to put prayers and wishes into for a tombstone for the deceased loved ones.  They were made ugly to keep the devil and evil spirits away long enough for their loved ones to go to heaven.  This was made in dedication to Dave.   If you can find the book, I highly recommend it.  Life is more than Coincidences!  The author found out more than he ever dreamed about his own family history.  It started out as an assignment for a newspaper, and turned into so much more.

This room box was finished last January and I took it intoour local library for their showcase for Black History month.  As a result of this display they purchased the book Carolina Clay  for the library.

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