Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Christmas Cookie baking tables
This past Christmas I made these tables because I love to bake cookies and am not supposed to eat them anymore.

The tables are 1/12 scale which I crackle painted and used a creme color for the top coat.  There are fimo peanut butter, chocolate chips with poppy seeds for the chips.  roll outs , crescent cookies.  I used small buttons and dipped them into glue and then  no hole beads, and glitter.  A punch is the gingerbread man cookies.  I used a tinfoil pan for the cookie sheets and cookie spatulas.  Paint in smalls bowls are icing in colors.  Printies off the Internet are the flour sack, sugar sack, and cookbook and raisins.  The cookie cutters are buttons found at a craft store. The cookie cooler is plastic canvas spray painted silver on beads to stilt it up.  Glitter is used for the sugar and cornstarch for the flour.

This was a very fun project to make and it went very fast.  it was just as much fun to arrange the cookies on the platters as it is for the real ones.  I shared this project with a neighbor girl who in turn gave it to her Aunt.  We had cookies left over and put them into oval stick pin cases for small gifts to give to special people.

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