Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Inspiration: Where does it come from?

Every day we look at things not really seeing the full potential.  As a miniaturist I look at things not as they are but what they could be.  Anything big I am putting it into 1/12 scale.  Anything that is being thrown away, I am recycling in into something small.  After I took digital camera classes, I started looking at everything as a picture subject.  I started seeing the real beauty of things that I never noticed before.

I love making miniature dolls.  The lovely ladies shown above I had to photograph because they just made me laugh.  I got permission of course.  They are bigger than life size, at an entrance into a resale store.  But they inspired me, just by looking at them.
What a lark it would be to make them in small scale.

Magazines are always and inspiration.  Decorating books, furniture making books.  Some of the diagraphs for furniture can be schrunk down to 1/12 scale.

Some times I get into a rut. It seems I always do the same things and never leave the box, so to speak.  This past year I was browsing at the library for something new.  Biographies are always inspiring to me.  A book fell off the shelf and hit me on the head.
Eureka moment!  But thats for another days blog, along with the picture of what I created from that painful hit on the head.

Today I went to Amish Country looking for sunshine and inspiration.  Lots of ideas, but the best treasure I found was a little
glass bell dome  that cost .99 cents.  A store had fairy garden supplies and they had these on the tables in a garden. Adorable!
It does not take much to make me Happy!

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