Sunday, February 19, 2012

Double click onto picture to get detail.   Beauty Salon

This was a fun room box I created from  scraps in my recycle box.  My daughter was going to Beauty School at the time so I had lots of  books laying around for inspiration.  The dryers are made from the gum ball machines plastic bubbles, painted with pink paint and them a marbleized glitter nail polish. The bottom swivel on the chairs are also the other half of the plastic bubble. The chairs are foam core covered with material.  I then coated them with Modge Podge gloss to give the look of leather.  Pipe from an airplane store was used for the legs and a bead on the bottom.

The sinks are made of Fimo.  Lite brite pegs are the bottles on the shelf and I cut out little labels from the Cosmo books we had, as well as the pictures on the wall of hairstyles.  The dryers are unpainted metal as well as the scissors.  The curler tray is made from assorted size lids.  The curlers are coffee stir straws in assorted colors.

I thought the wallpaper was unique, Gibson girls hairstyles.  Worked out great for a hair salon.  All the dolls are made by me.  I think that's Burt Reynolds in front.  I used wall paper on the floor for linoleum and then covered with gloss ModgePodge. .

The hair manniquins are doll heads I poured and painted.  After wigging them I set them on a spindle cut to size and used a flat bowl for the base.

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