Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Halloween Garden and Fairy Garden  Double click on each picture for full detail.

Two pictures of a fun thing to do with your miniature collection.  Every year at NAME convention they have a garage sale.  Everyone brings in things they don't want and they are sold by the piece or in large lot bags.  I go for the large lot bags.  Some of things just are not scale but can be used in things like these.   My daughter, grandson, and myself  had a good  time looking thru my stash and selecting plants for our fairy gardens.  We selected small tin feeder tubs from Tractor Supply, put a layer of charcoal and gravel on the bottom, next planting soil.  The plants are small, mostly ground covers found at a garden supply  that specializes in small plants for gardens.    Water once a week and they take care of themselves.  Oops I forgot the fairy's take care of them for you.!
If these are to large for you liking, make a small garden in a canning jar, or a decorative apothecary jar, or a dome on top of a plate and a few pieces of garden furniture and a plant.

Winter is a perfect time for make a  miniature green house.  So many wonderful boxes and lanterns with all glass sides out there now.   They can be adapted into a miniature greenhouse. 

I am mentoring my neighbor Adrianne, who is in junior high this winter.  She wants to learn all about miniatures and how to make them.  We are making some beautiful plants and green houses
which I will share on another day.   Happy Gardening!


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