Friday, February 17, 2012

Halloween Treat Table  Double Click to enlarge and get details.

This was a project I did for  my first ever N.A.M.E. Convention Indianna, 2009.  The class was by Carl Bronson.  We learned to make everything from scratch on the table, including the table itself.
Most of the items were from Fimo.  It was a two day class.  It was fantastic, and Carl is the best teacher.  Do take a class from him if you are able.

Now what is N.A.M.E.?  It is a National Association of Miniature
Enthusiasts.  It is international and anyone can join for a small membership fee.  It entitles you to get the quarterly magazine and see what other clubs and individuals are doing to promote miniatures.  You can join onto  an online web to connect with others for ideas and the latest happenings.  Swaps of miniatures with others, Go to the yearly conventions for up to a week in various locations each year.  This year it is in Charlotte North Carolina.  At the conventions don't expect to rest.  There are all kinds of classes to choose from taught by experts in that field.
Garage sales, swaps, dinners, a great miniature show, plus the greatest creative  people in all the world to share ideas with and see the displays and raffles.

During the year there is also State Days and other events you can choose to attend.  A now yearly event, Name Day in October when every one is making the same item all over the same day has become quite popular.

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