Wednesday, February 29, 2012

 NEW BABY ROOM BOX  click on picture for details.

click on picture to get larger detail

My neighbor Adrianne is learning the How To's  of miniatures this winter.  Every week we work on an ongoing project or items that will go into a project. 
She is a very talented young lady with a big heart.  She hasn't kept anything for herself yet.  Everything she has made she has given to someone special to her.  She has ideas for things she would like to make and she has someone in mind for the recipient.

This week we worked on a room box for a special teacher that will be having a baby soon.  Her colors are green and yellow and giraffes are the decorating theme.

The box itself is a shoe box type picture holder that was painted green and then crackle paint applied on top.  On top of the crackle was applied yellow paint.  It crackled with green showing thru.  The flooring is a bamboo table mat cut to size.  The wallpaper is material glued and coated with Modge Podge.  The chair and rocker were from my stash, we painted them white and covered cushions with the same materiel as the wall  The bed is from a play set that she played with when she was a little girl.. Printies are the boxes and baby bottles are from the Dollar Tree in the baby favor department.  The African violets and fern on the shelf we made from florist tape.  The tiny giraffes are made from earrings from the 80's.  I know her teacher will be surprised.  It will be a lovely gift, and she did a wonderful job on it.

Mentoring someone with the knowledge you know benefits both of you.  It gives me a sense of pride when I see the finished project and keeps my mind active with new ideas coming thru it.  The knowledge she is gaining can be   used not only in a minature world but also in the real big world.We exchange a lot of conversation and I look forward to her visits very much.

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