Saturday, February 11, 2012

New beginnings, Why not!!!

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As I sit here staring out at the snow from my window, this is the 3rd weekend in a row, an idea comes into my head.  Why not start a blog!  Maybe its the little feet dancing on my head from my daughters pet bird, or just the simple fact that I love miniatures and really like to share thoughts and ideas with others.  So why not!!!  This is the first posting on the first day of my Miniature Blog! Bear with me until I get on a roll, I'm not as talented with technology as I am with miniatures.

  This picture is of a room box that I made when I did shows. It has over 100 miniature dolls collected from gum ball machines, Disney-kins from when I was a kid, poly pockets etc.  The kiln was made from packing foam and aluminum foil.  There is real porcelain slip all over the floor.  I made the doll in an image of me.  I always wore purple and I am a bare foot person.  My mother had a snauzer dog that loved to eat toilet paper.  I found the dog miniature doing the same thing.  My show name was and is A Small Hearts Desire.  I like to make my miniatures myself if possible.  Found objects are always good for the imagination and I hope to share some of those in the future.

  I am a self taught doll maker.  I loved the dolls but they were to expensive to purchase.  After a lot of trial and error I knew why.  A lot of work goes into making of a doll!  The first challenge is the porcelain.  It is messy, has a memory, and very fragile.  If you mess up when pouring and fix it, when its fired the mess up comes back.

My favorite part is the research on the costuming.  I find a lot of great fabrics at resale shops.  It takes a light weight material to drape well.  Small prints are hard to find anymore.  Neck ties are a great source too.  A local resale got a bunch of salesmen sample books for drapery and upholstry material.  Ureaka in paradise!  One page is enough to do 2 dresses.  I bought them all at 50 cents each.  As a creative person I prefer to do my own thing, so to speak.  A special order to someone elses specifications is a stumper to me.  Its not my idea of fun

As I work on the dolls they tend to speak to me as to who they want to be.  What  I intended them to be at the start is not who they end up as..

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