Sunday, February 12, 2012

St. Patricks Day Surprise.  Click on picture to enlarge and see the details.
I made this room box last year for an article in American Miniaturist Magazine.  My friend Bill Daugherty is Irish and his family looks forward to St Patricks day as much as Christmas.  After finishing the article for the magazine I gave Bill the room box for his family to enjoy.

I put the entire scene into a small crate. The floor is hand painted cobblestone. Striped green scrapbook paper is the wallpaper. The picture on the back wall is his family crest which I reduced to size.  On the table are Irish soda bread, Stew, beer green jello with shamrocks inside.  A pot of gold (gold paper cut out with paper punch) sits at the end of the rainbow, protected by a leprechaun which is a Christmas ornament repainted.  A shilali  (cane) sits behind the elf. and they are hard to see but there are tiny snakes everywhere.  St Pat was patron saint of snakes?  The chair is a dollar store find which I painted green.  My Cricut machine cut out the clothes from a paper doll software program.  The mug shot is of my friend  Bill which I reduced down to size. The shoes are plastic baby shower trinkets which I painted black with buckles.

I enjoyed doing this room box for the magazine article,  learned a lot about St. Patricks Day, and enjoyed the reaction of Bill when he received his room box.  He is just as ornry as his picture looks!.  

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