Tuesday, February 28, 2012

School Days click on picture for larger detail.

This is a one room school house.  My Father went to a one room school house until he went to high school.  There were 8 grades in one school.  Of course they had to walk or ride their horse to get there.  Melscheimer  School was and is the name of the school and it still stands today not far from my own home.  Portrayed are some of the toys they might have played with.   The pot bellied stove is a salt shaker with a flexible straw for the stove pipe.  The pictures of  George and Abe are from an online site and I put them into frames and used Modge podge dabbled over to appear as painted oils.  The globe was a pencil sharpener
The wishing well was a yogurt cup covered with Spackle and then stones I borrowed from my drive way.  The tree in the back ground are all hand punched leaves and glued on.  The greenery on the ground is railroad greens and coffee grounds. I have never had an issue with bugs with coffee grounds.

The dolls were all made by me out of hand poured porcelain.

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