Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fall Harvest Baking table and Feloney

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This is from an article that appeared in American Miniaturist Magazine  October ,2009.  The dog is my daughter's American Bulldog,  Feloney.  She is a constant companion in my miniature workshop and makes sure the floor is nice and clean.

The project is a fall baking table. Everything was made by me.  Fimo Vegetables, eggs in resin in bowl, pumpkin pie in progress on the table and one baked in the back.  Printies online are a real time and money saver.  I used cornstarch for flour and white glitter for the sugar. The carpet is a sample from a catalog of upholstery.  Complete instructions and pictures are in the Oct 2009 issue.

I signed up to teach this class at Adult Evening classes for two different school districts.  I had to fill out the forms, get a security check, the thought of pay never crossed my mind.  All I wanted was $10.00 for my supplies.  It was going to take 6 weeks, 2 hours a week, learning to make all of the above items from scratch.  The brochure came out and the class was $89.00!! I called the person taking care of this and said, No Way!  no one will pay that much for this class and that I did not want that much.  She said they had to pay me $17.00 and hour, school rules.  Well no one did sign up!

Next I offered to teach this class to the Museum in town who has a Coffee and Craft time once a month.  $20.00. all proceeds go to the Museum.   Because of winter and being dark after 5:00 no one signed up.

Next I decided to put all the kits together myself and sell them on E-Bay.  But before I did that
I watched the movie about the little boy who started the playing it forward fad.  After praying about it  I decided to give one to the first person that came to my mind each day.  I gave away 20 tables just as you see above,  the mix of people was quite varied.  Some  were special to me and I knew them.  Some were complete strangers, who were quite shocked!  Needless to say, my closet got empty but my heart was quite full!

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