Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tuscan Room Box 2011Philadelphia Miniaturia
Double click on pictures to get details.

This is a room box I created at the Philadelphia Miniaturia Show 2011.  M.R. Daniels taught the class and she has experience in set design.  The top picture is what the class  taught as far as techniques.  She taught how they do set design very fast and cheaply but get a great look.  The other pictures are how I furnished it.  This is electrified.  The brick oven lights up for a fire, and a socket on the wall is for a light which I have not found yet.  A class well worth taking.  Check out the flooring.  Cardboard egg cartons!  Looks and feels just like tile flooring when it is done.  The first picture taken in the fall has warm lights and the other 2 pictures were taken winter light.  Nothing was done to interior but the color came out different.  A great class in which I learned a lot of new techniques.  I am glad I stayed the extra day for the class.

Click to get details of picture.   Finished Tuscan Roon box 

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