Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Young Reunion 1910
This is the inspiration picture for my latest project in progress.
These are my relatives at a reunion. My Grandmother is the 5th on the right, holding her first child.

I love to make dolls and fimo food.  This will be a project that will use both.  Most of the men are civil war vets.  The dresses will be lots of fun.  The tables at our reunions were always everyone bring a dish, then they passed each dish down.  Each family brought their own table service and silverware.  I will use the odds and ends I have collected over the years.  Not everything matches.  1910 was when jello was introduced.  I have quite a few of those made up. The rest of the food will be what the farming communities would have in 1910.  I don't see picnic baskets anywhere in this picture, but at the Reunion Convention 2009, I got more than a few picnic baskets I plan to put in empty corners.
If you click on the picture, in the far left corner you will see an old car. I found one just like it at a garage sale that was a copper planter.  I think the scale will be just about right.  Usually the colors were green or burgundy.  I have some of the food items finished and have to start on the dolls.  I am aiming for a similar look, but am not planning on making the faces identical.  I made a huge wash tub of watermelons in water and ice.  The watermelons are made of nutmegs painted to color of watermelons. Nutmegs are just the right size and shape of a melon in scale. The ice cubes are made of the clear bakeit crystles.

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