Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pom  Pom chickens click on picture for detail

I did not like the picture I had first put on and now I have to rewrite everything because it went by-by.  Still learning how this blog wants to work.  The pom-poms are yellow 3 mm in size.  You need 2 for every peep.  Glue 2 together and let dry.  The eyes are the little dots inside every sequin package.  They are the knock outs from the holes. The beaks are little pieces of paper cut in diamond shapes and folded in half.  The wings and tails are little scraps of tissue paper yellow or white scrunched together and glued on.  The legs and feet are thin orange wire doubled over and glued to the bottom of the body.  After dry add another set of feet  by gluing a U shaped bent wire onto the back of the leg.They need at least 3-5 toes.  This picture gives more details to tiny size of these.   This is a mini fairy garden in 1/12 scale. Each one is less than 1/2 inch  including the legs and feet.  I used tweezers for constructing these because they are so tiny and hard to hold.

My real peeps are doing well.  They have grown triple in size and are no longer yellow. Blotches of every color and ready to roost.  I am converting the kids playhouse into the chicken coop.  It has been  a playhouse, converted to potters shed, tools shed, storage shed, dog shelter, racoon home  .It is the same size and setting on the spot where the smoke house used to be.  I think it fitting for a chicken house.    The bunk beds inside will
 be perfect for the chickens to roost in their  storage crate containers turned on the side.  An old bunk bed ladder will be a handy roost for them.  When all is finished I will share a picture.
It started out as a beautiful sunny day.  Time for mowing the grass.  Nothing wanted to start for the first time since fall.  Took a couple hours fixing,  oil checking and putting gas into everything.  Started to mow, started to rain, continued to mow, finished the grass just about the same time as the rain stopping.  I guess it was my April Fools joke on myself.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Daisy on my shoulder with my Grandson
Daisy and the rest of my peeps.

 Spring has come early to Ohio.  80 degrees in the middle of March.  Unheard of.  So we take advantage of the weather and prepare for the year ahead.  Who can walk by baby chicks and not want one?  Evidently I can't, because on a recent trip to my favorite hardware store I came home with 6 of them.  My Grandson  stayed the week end and helped name them.  We commemorated the occasion by making chicken pom-pom refrigerator magnets, and some mini chickens for mini Easter baskets.

I live on the farm that was my Grandma Daisy's home.  She raised chickens and could sweet talk any chickens out of their eggs.  I can't say that I will be a chicken whisperer in her footsteps, but I would like to give it a try.  I was admiring the peeps on the grass and said who wants to be called Daisy.  The above pictured chicken walked right up my arm and sat down on my shoulder.  I can tell she will rule the roost.   Only a week and they are hopping out of the clothes basket that just last week was way too big.  I'm sure they will provide another adventure to my life and provide lots of humor and entertainment.  Chickens are really smart animals and can make wonderful pets.  Hopefully in 6 months they will provide me with lots of eggs as well. 

This past weekend  N.A.M.E. sponsored a Indiana State Day.  The clubs there did a wonderful job of organizing and putting on a wonderful program for us at Shipshawana, the heart of Amish County.
I arrived a day early to go to the quilt shops and other  shops in town.   The tote bag favors were really the best of any function I have been to.  There was a shoe box sale  Friday evening with a large turn out for that.  The items to be raffled were donated  by other members and the largest being a doll house.  We did make and take it it  items on 'Friday night.  Saturday consisted of 2 shelves and boxes, hat boxes and beads to make into bottles.  The reveal of the room box was in the afternoon.  It was a hat box with clear sides that could be viewed  clear around.  The club members unveiled the ones they did.  There was a toy shop, ladies boutique, antique shop, quilt shop.   I did not finish my project, but will post it when I am finished.

Each one was different and very unique.  It was a great time and wonderful to meet new friends  from around the country and catch up with old friends as well.

  The table centerpieces were very unique.  The  base held an upright open book.  The title of the book was the theme of the mini scene inside the book and onto the platform.  Some of the themes were, Alice in wonderland, sewing, gardening, Christmas, toy shop, .  The table favors and gift exchange are always fun.  There are so many talented miniaturists, it is exciting to see what you come home with, and to plan where you will put everything.

Next time I plan on sharing the chicken coop I made out of a photo file box  and mini chickens I made from 3mm yellow pom poms.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

click picture for project details
Actual picture on website

Doors of Provence   Toledo Area Miniature Club Project

The T.A.M.E. group of Toledo miniaturists during the summer hosted this class Doors of Provence.  Inspired by a web site by that same name.  It is in a box frame about 12xll, using Styrofoam and spackling, chalks to antique.  The flowers are all hand made out of paper.  It was lots of fun, holds lots of miniatures and hangs on the wall out of the way.

The web site is done by a professional photographer and has a site called windows of Provence  also.  The summer before the Toledo club did a project  box inspired around the windows of Provence.  It was beautiful as well. The two sit side by side on the wall. I will get a picture of that for a future blog.

Check out the two sites by googling  and be prepared for beautiful pictures and lots of inspiration.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

click on picture for details
Another unexpected Mini find found at Michaels Crafts.  These are Waterslide transfers.  None are over 2 inches. Lisa Pavelka is the creater or artist.  They are located in the Fimo area where the jewelry items are for  the clay.  As you see the pictures are beautiful and very colorful.  There are about 6 different sets with about 3-4 cards in each set. I think the possibilities are endless with this one.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tea bag holders I am going to use for something else.

I went to the Chicago International show last April.  I have never been there so I included extra time to see the city.  My favorite place was of course the Art Museum with  the Thorn Rooms.  Across the street is a gift shop Chicago Architectural Foundation. They have a lot of very interesting things in this gift shop.  The pictures above are tea bag holders by Donkey products.  They had tea bags attached to the bottom of each.  The principle is the arms of the people go over the tea cup and hold the tea bag.  I makes it look like a person in a tea cup. The head is aprox 1" and the arm span about 4 inches.  If you click on each picture you can see the famous people on these beautifully done heavy cardboard.  The Royal Family, actors, poets, scholars, Presidents etc.  I drank the tea but I thought these would look great as chair backs, drape over a fence, like the guy in home improvement, Put in a dressed bed . I could cut the arms off and reverse them for the arms of chairs.  I just thought they were too cute to not get them.  So they are in my inspiration stash.  They are printed in Great Britian and very detailed.  They also have a sense of humor.

Fern from Dollar Tree find 

 The items you will need are mini plastic champagne nut cup glasses from the wedding section of Dollar tree.  These are 4 inches high including the clear glass part.  Black acrylic paint, dark eucalyptus green patio paint, thin green wire and florist tape, tacky glue and tiny scissors.  Twist the clear plastic cup out for the stand.  Don't throw away, I have a project started  to use that in.  Paint the plastic stand black and leave dry. The stand is now 2 1/2 " high. Using the patio paint and a small to medium brush,  dip brush into paint and then wipe off most of it onto a paper towel.  This will be a dry brush technique.  The purpose is to build the paint slowly and still allow the black to show thru.   Go over the black paint lightly. It  will look like verdigris finish when done . Put extra high lights on the  portions that look like carvings.Use an acrylic clear finish to seal the paint.   For the ferns cut 4 inches for the longest fronds from the florest tape. Lay this down on a table and coat the whole side facing up  with a thin coat of tacky glue.  Insert a piece of wire over half the length, at the 2 inch in mark.  Take the other 2 inches of the tape and fold over the wire with the glue and let dry.  Refer to the fronds on the picture.   When dry using tiny scissors cut slits into the tape forming the fronds.  Gradually shorten the tape until you get short sizes for the tops and centers.  To get a frilly, curly look run the fronds that are cut thru your fingers a couple of times and they will curl.
Insert clay inside the container and dip the wire ends into glue.  Form into a fern starting at outer edges and draping down over the sides and going to the center with the shorter fronds.  Because they have wires in them you can curl and shape any way you want.  It is really hard to say how many you will need.  When you are happy with the fullness  you will know you are done.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Miss Feloney says HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!

My favorite miniaturist and floor sweeper just being a Ham.  I thought you all could use a laugh..  Feloney is an American Bulldog and weighs over 100 pounds.  She thinks she is still a pup and tries to crawl up onto my lap every night.  If I really am really tired, she succeeds.  She also helps take care of a rescue dog during the day.  Quite a mother.

I have quite a few new projects to share with you, but I do not have the pictures taken yet.  So today I will share a few more of my favorite websites.

If you go into a search engine just put in the main words and the website should come up.  I noticed that not all search engines will bring up a web address, like mine for instance.  Yahoo seems to be a problem, but google comes right up.  or   This may come up as being repaired, but look for the tabs(black) at the top of the page,  This is not the easiest site to figure out, but once you get in there are all kinds of printies-file storage box, frankenstien stand up, the coppertone girl, pizza boxes, crate labels, fans.   There are furniture patterns to print out, Morris chairs, apothacary chest, flip top Williamsburg tavern table, picnic table, deck chair..

Jims printables:  Can't say enough about this site.  When you sign in you have the option to choose what size you prefer.  This  is an all inclusive site. Just about everything you are looking for.   Fimo food and beautiful print outs  Wonderful free printies of just about every area you need printouts for.  Beautiful art work.  I was going to save this for Halloween but I couldnt wait.  If you like potion labels for bottles check this one out. one has quite a few  printables and links to it. She has a few of the Betty Boop free printables under a link. .

  The Free Betty Boop website is not available anymore.  It has closed down.  It was page after page of printables for everything new and old.  I think I printed out every page about 5 years ago.  It is such a shame  that web carrier closed down.  You just don't find sites like that any more.

Well this should keep you busy for  a while.  Make sure you mark whats in them for future reference.

I'm currently working on plants for a tiny greenhouse and table gifts for a State day function I am going to.  I found the neatest holder for a fern at the Dollar store in the Wedding section.  I will share it with you when I get the chance to take pictures.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cheater cloth fish mounts- click for detail in picture

These are too cute and so easy to make.  The material store is where I found these.  The fish are material flats found in the novelty section of the material area.  Each little fish is just begging to be caught.  I found a fat quarter with this on, sometimes it is a border.  I did not have the name of the material, but know it is still available.

Before cutting out the fish put a thin layer of Modge Podge on the back so it will not fray when cut.  Cut out fish.   Make a snake out of clay and fit underneath to shape fish.  Now glue snake of clay onto board.  Coat the underside of the fish with the Modge Podge and shape over the clay form. Then coat the top of the fish with the Modge Podge and shape and attach the sides to the bottom of the board.  When dry it will look and feel like a mounted fish.
You can add a bead to the eye if you want it more realistic.  The boards are odd pieces I had, or you could use tongue depressors cut to size.  These fish are about 1 inch.

I can't say enough about Modge Podge.  I use it about every day with my miniatures.  It comes in gloss and matte finish.  It is sort of like glue but thinner and dries clear and protects the surface.  In the 1970's is was solely used for Decoupage pictures.  It is an investment everyone should make.  You can use it to wallpaper, lay carpet, use underneath gravel, attach grass, tile, and the list goes on.  Another use is to make a magazine print look like an oil painting.  By cross hatching with the Modge Podge in different directions it looks like oil paint strokes when dry.
Paint Supplies from throw away items.  click on picture for more detail.

I recently finished making the above items for a swap.  All of the items used,  would for normal people, probably end up in the trash.  I however, see the end product as soon as it hits my hand.

The paint cans are from the little canisters with silica in them used in medicine bottles.  They are supposed to keep the contents dry.  Scrap wire for the handles attached to a sequin for the handle holder on either side.  The one set of cans I used thumb tacks for the extra lid on top and dolloped paint around to look like it was used.  The other I left as a new can.  For the labels I googled- paint can labels-images and the 2 shown came up.  Look at yesterdays blog to see how to save and print them off.

I cut real fine sandpaper up into little pieces for the sand paper.

The jars are are clear square beads.  I put a black paper fastener, scrap book stores, on top for the lid.  The bottom I filled with holeless silver beads and smeared the hole over with tacky glue.  Now you have jars with screws inside.  Round pony beads would work as well, they look like baby food jars.

The paint roller is made from a round coffee stir stick,covered with a stretch Curad bandage.  It looks fluffy like a pint roller  A sturdy wire is bent to look like the handle.  Glue the roller part onto the wire and use a sequin to finish off the end of the roller.  The  red handle portion on the wire is some neat stuff I discovered in the electrical portion of a home store.  It is called heat shrink insulation.  It is about the size of a drinking straw and comes in all the basic colors of the rainbow.  When put on a wire and using  a heat gun, I used my embossing gun, it shrinks to the size of the item it is put onto and gets hard.  It is 1/8 " wide-thin wall heat shrink about 20 pieces per package and Panduit makes it.

The paint brushes I got at a dollar store and cut down to size and glued onto a tooth pick.  I fanned the brush portion and used tin foil to hold the brush to the tooth pick.

Finally the paint pan.  This item is also  from Panduit Electrical- plastic and it is used to pull wires thru and keep the connections out of the way..  I got two pans out of each one.  I cut them off  with a saw.  The dip  or well where the paint goes is what I saw when I picked them up.  For the textured portion, I used a ribbed paper from the scrapbook store.  Metal ties were bent for the legs that hold onto the ladder.  I love to stretch my imagination.  All that is left is a drop cloth, ladder, and a pair of rubber gloves, a can of pop or a cup of coffee, and someone is good to go paint!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crock Pots click on picture for details
What can you make with this stuff?  Making a project out of odds and ends.   A Crock pot for your mini kitchen.  These are too cute!

You will need a clear suction cup, like the kind for windows 3/4" in size.   I found most of this stuff at the Dollar Store. 5/8" size cane or chair tip, the white cup as shown.  2 small seed beads black, 4 small black sequins, 1 larger silver sequin, scrap of thin gold wire or silver, 5 beads slightly larger than seed beads, 2 small scrapbook brads black or white, thin electrical wire for handles, flexible wire for the plug in.  I found black leather at the jewelry craft area.  The electrical wire you can get off any old appliance or tv you are getting rid of.  The inside wires will be red, green, black, white, and sometimes blue.

Lid:  Remove any hanger that may be on the suction cup.  A seed bead goes on top of the tip.  In the lid handle area I glued a black sequin and a black scrapbook brad with the tips cut off.

On the white chair tip drill a small hole in the center of the front and another at the bottom for the plug in on the back. Also 2 small holes on either side for the handle wires to go into.
In the front hole I glued a large sequin, then a small sequin and fastened with a black scrapbook brad  inside the crock  pot.  Cut electrical wire to a length to fit handle holes.  I rolled my wire over a pencil to get it round first.  Glue dabs of glue on the inside to hold the wire and then it wont pull out. The flexible cord is glued in the back hole and fixed on either side with a small sequin. The plug in is a larger black bead with a small piece of gold wire folded over to create a plug. glue the other end of the flexible cord into the plug end.  To finish glue 4 larger black beads to the bottom for the feet.  My only problem with this project was the glue.  Tacky worked most of the time until the feet. I used hot glue, then super glue.  The plastic seems to be too smooth for glue to adhere to.

For the cook book: Go to Google-Images-Crock pot cookbook.

Find the image that you like.  Right click and save to your photo gallery.  In the photo gallery select print.  I scroll down to the thumbprint 35 of each. By selecting this one it  usually  makes it 1/12 scale.  Experiment make less if you think it is not scale.  Print out and glue onto a block of wood or a ready made blank book.  Now you have a crock pot book to go with the new crock pot, and 34 others to give to your friends.  I use this method with all things I save.  Pictures are reduced, boxes,labels, posters, without having to go into paint or another program.

I hope you enjoy this project.  I just finished making 21 of these for a swap I am in.  It does take some time for 21 of these, but one would go well for an evening class at a club.  Have fun dreaming up what will be cooking inside.  If you use resin, I suggest you experiment first on a blank.  Resin will melt plastic.  I think if you coat with glue first it should stop that but I have not tried it.
Flower Pot mini person for you garden scene
click on picture for details

This is a cute and easy item that can be made for a swap or club project.  You've seen these in magazines in the large size, now its time for the mini man.  The entire thing is 2" high and 2" from front to back.

I used unfinished wood flower pots from my craft store and then painted them terra cotta.  Joanne Fabrics used to carry real tiny terra cotta, so check your local store.

You will need- two =2" pots, 1 for the head upright, and 1 for the body turned upside down.  glue together.

You will need- ten -1/2 inch pots.  glue 3 inside each other for each leg and glue onto the bottom of the pot. glue 2 inside each other for each arm.  Let these dry and when dry sand a slight slope off the back of the arm 45degree angle so it will lay flat to the body.  I used tacky glue for this, but you could use hot glue if you were in a hurry.  I then painted with terra cotta paint.  The plants are grass that I found in a clump.  It would be a great place for  flowers and vines of some kind, but that would take another class for that.  A small animal of some kind or a watering can would look great in the lap.  Also a sign of some kind like Garden of Weeden, Thyme started in a garden.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dollar Tree Miniature Finds-click on picture for details.

On a recent trip to our local Dollar Tree store I found these beautiful full size measuring spoons in the kitchen area.  They are soft plastic with the insides of each a different color.  Looking down on them there is a white ring around the top of the color.  They look just like bowls.  Do I plan on using them to cook with?   NOOO!   They will look dashing in my mini kitchen.

Using tin or wire snips cut the handle off  following the circular pattern.  I then put them to my electric sander and sanded them following the circle pattern. I then sanded the center bottom flat so they would sit flat.  It is plastic so it bunches up in ball,  as you  sand, it melts.  This is them removed by an exacto knife.  Sand smooth with an emery board or sand paper.  To get the gloss back and to have a sheen  like the rest of the bowl, use Modge Podge or clear nail polish in a thin coat to cover the area sanded.

I did not use the Tablespoon size it is more Barbie size, but the smallest bowl  is 1/2 inch and the largest bowl is 1 inch.

There were many variety color sets as well as all one color sets.

This would make an easy swap idea or set of these for a great gift.
The small ones could be cereal bowls, or pet bowls. $1.00 for 6!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

 Freebies from the internet

Here are some face masks that I got off the internet.  To find your own
go onto a search engine, Google, Bing,
whatever your favorite.  Press images, and then masks.  About 1000 pictures will come up.When you find the ones you want, right click and save to your picture files.

To print out to miniature size you can transport into a paint program.  I use my picture program photo gallery.
I select print and it takes you into the sizes you would like to select.  If your picture is 8x10 I choose the 35 pictures(thumbprints) and that prints it out to about the size I need for 1/12 scale.  You have to experiment to see the size it will be.

I think these look like the antique masks.  They would look good on cardstock with the eyes punched out.  Tie strings onto the sides.  They would look great on a mini wall, or in a picture frame.

I havent't done anything with these yet.  I just love the colors and art work.  Probably British in origin.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Garage Sale-click on pictures for details

Who does not like a garage sale?  I have been a fan for many years.  The porch is one such item I got at a garage sale and had no where to put it.  The picture in the background is from a calender and it added some dimension to the scene.  This is a great way to  place things that don't have a home just yet.
I have borrowed from this many times and replaced with other items.  It is a way to display things that maybe aren't quite scale as well.

Here are some of my favorite web sites:go to Google search , they should all come up; grocery, toys, games -books-all from different eras-Great Site
Joanne Swanson has done How to articles for Nutshell News, and other miniature magazines.  She is the best!!  I enjoy her style of miniatures.  Making something great from virtually anything.  Quite a few excellent seasonal projects.     Kiva is a miniature food artisian
most of it in Fimo.  Humorous and realistic looking food.  A real inspiration to look at   Aim I Mag monthly free magazine which can be read online or sent to your Email box.
Usually about 90 pages.   To have sent to your Email monthly

They also have an advent calender every year which is archived that is really neat-Back issues are available for viewing as well.    This is the blog to the above connection.  They have lots of links of artisians according to catagories of interest

I enjoy the simple pleasure of searching web sites.  A hint is if you take the time to go into a web site, jot down a small summery of what you saw there.  Printies, ideas etc.  It will save you a lot of time in the future trying to find the idea that was great but you'll never need it again.  I always put them in my favorites, but everything seems to be my favorite and I never can find where they are.

These are just a few web sites, there are many more I will share in the future.  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  I have many more things to share.  I hope to start video taping how to projects in the near future. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Peanut Tote Bag Favor  click for details on

Anticipation of going to a miniature event always first includes the planning and making of Tote Bag favors.

Tote bag favors are as much fun to make as they are to receive.  Before a convention or State Day-tote bag favors are made to be given to each registar for that function.

Usually individulals or clubs get together and do the favors.  Sometimes there is a theme. I made a peanut man, sorry cant use the real name, for a recent State Day.  140  of these tiny men were made all by my self.
The inspiration was the picture.  I found the peanut bunch at a flower shop.  The pipe cleaners are very thin and I used for the arms and legs.  The bottom of the legs have a small bead for a shoe.  I drilled holes for the arms.  The white gloves I cut with my cricut cutter and glued 2 together. The hat is a small plastic hat, and each has a monacle on his eye.   It is about 1 " high. It is designed for a shelf sitter.

The tote bags are filled with wonderful items.  Each carefully and beautifully made.
It is fun to sit around with others and look at each one together, and plan where each will go in a current or future project.

If I can stand it I like to not look at mine until I get home.  Then I have something exciting to look forward to and can extend out the wonderful time I had at the function.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Easter Bunny Work Shop Room box  click on picture for details

Easter Bunny Chairs and Tables

This was an article I did for American Miniaturist March 2009. The room box was featured and a How-To of the table and chairs.
The table and chairs are made from Dollar Store furniture.  The rest of the work is just the painting. I found some rabbit heads called woodlets and painted the faces on.  The table top has the same heads painted on each side. On the back of each chair is a white pompom for a tail.Not bad for a $3.00 investment!

The room box is a workshop for the Easter Rabbit.  A lot is going on at once.  The chickens are in crates on the wall laying eggs for the egg dying going on at the table.  The Easter bonnets are all ready on the wall. We have chocolate rabbit making and baskets getting wrapped for the occasion.  The bunny rabbits I found as plastic figurines at a Dollar store and repainted them. 
Old Fashioned Kitchen   click on picture for details.

This is a replica of the kitchen that was in my house when my Dad was growing up. The house was built in 1865 by my Grandfather. The main attraction was always the pantry, which was not facing us but sideways as a walk in.
I always marveled at the good things it contained, and I was able to view it all and not have cupboard doors to contend with. Grandma Daisy did a lot of canning in Mason Jars.  It looked so nice on the shelves.  An interesting story from the depression was told to me by Grandmas Daisy.  She was a widow left with 6 children to raise on a farm.  She would always share with whoever came that was in need.  She loved to dry apples and called them snitz.  She had jars and Jars of snitz  on the shelves.  Inside she lined with newspaper and placed  her money.  The depression brought out the worst in people, and someone came into her house and stole all her canned jars of food, but left the snitz,  She said" Oh they must have really needed the food, but must not have liked the snitz.  By not liking the dried up apples she still retained her money. When we remodeled, I can't believe it now, how many old tins, boxes, and old utensils we just threw away!  I wish we had them all now.! 

The heart of the kitchen was the cast iron stove.  It heated with wood or coal, was always nice to warm up to after coming in from outside. It always had a pan of something drying in it.  Apples, bread, corn.  A dishpan was always there with hot water in case someone came to help do dishes.  A tea kettle was always on as well.  Baked goods were the best in the oven.

 The sink was a soapstone sink. An iron handled water pump was next to it.  You had to pump the water by hand into a bucket or pan.  Lye soap was used.  It was made in the fall at butchering time. Pig fat and ashes from wood were cooked in a large cast iron kettle outside.  I planted flowers in it.  The smell of lye on a warm day still permeates the air in the pantry, which is now my laundry.  I would have liked to keep the walk in pantry.   I had to choose between a laundry and steps or a pantry.  I  choose to make a laundry.

The table and chairs were black walnut and someone painted them green about 1920.  That was the color rage at the time.  No dark furniture.  The food that was left over was placed in the middle of the table and covered with a cloth until the next meal. During the winter a small out kitchen off the porch was used for storing food.  And in the summer the canning was done outside as well.

The ice cupboard was not in use at the time, but Grandma used it for storing things.  A couple of the ice refrigerators set outside in the grape arbours for chickens to lay eggs in.

A coal bucket was always present with coal and wood.  Next to that was a slop bucket, that's for food scraps and vegetable peels for the pigs and chickens.  Nothing was wasted on a farm.

My favorite memories were of the kitchen because this is were we all congregated.    It seemed so large and could fit 20 people quite comfortably. Its a tad cramped to get 6 in now.
Its the cupboards and drainboards and those newfangled electric appliances that take up the room.!.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Victorian Dress Shoppe- click on picture to enlarge details

This is a dress shop I made before I started making dolls.  Dress design and making dresses are one of my favorite things to do.  Victorian at one time was my era, now the older I get the stuffier it gets for me. I still think it is elegant, but I have moved on in time.  I just can't imagine me in all those undergarments and all that bulky material.
I suffocate thinking about it. 

Each of the dresses was made on a Styrofoam cone and  hand sewn and glued.  The hats, corsets, are all hand made.The material was found at resale shops, mostly blouses.
  This box was in a museum opening last year.  I like to go and stand around to see what people say.  A woman who was there as people were ooh and ah hing over it said , "Oh you can get this stuff in any store, cheap"  Its all made overseas".

So much for the hours and hours I spent making them.  Between the hours and the time, they would not be cheap.  This room box appeared in an article in American Miniaturist, within the last 5 years. Could not locate the magazine.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amish room box-  click on picture for details

I live in a diverse area.  We have a lot of Amish people within a  lovely 20 minute county drive.  They are called the plain people because they are dressed in very modest dresses, no prints, zippers or buttons.  They have their own religion among themselves and take care of their own.  Most are farmers or other  occupations that involve the land, furniture, wood, shops, cheese.  They have many restaurants with the best food in the world.  They are famous for the beautiful quilts they make.  The buggy and horse is the means of travel. They do not have electricity, which means they do not have TV, radio, telephones, microwaves, lights.  They do have gasoline powered appliances, washer, dryer etc.They  do not believe in pictures of themselves, and consider us the English. They do speak English but have their own Pennsylvania German language that they speak among themselves, especially if the English are around.  Amish country is my favorite place to go for the day.  I always come home with fresh produce, cheese, trail bologna, bread and other baked goods.  There is nothing better than pie or cookies and bread baked in a wood fired oven. 

This room box contains the men raising up a barn, food table loaded with goods, the women are making a lovely quilt, the little girl is playing with ducks and pigs, the buggy is hooked up to a tree.  The picture in the background came from a calender.  It looks like the valley below them

This room box portrays a barn raising.  The whole community would participate and start and finish a barn in one day.  The women would take care of the food.  Sunday is a day of rest and
church.  No sales or shops are open on that day.

A wonderful hardware that services the Amish is in Kidron Ohio. They have a wonderful website with items that are not electric. People all over the world shop from them.  They also have hard to find items for refinishing furniture, Hoosier cupboards and oil lamp parts.  They also have great toys and I found small metal wheels for miniature buggy's there.  Lehman's Hard ware.  Well worth the looksie.