Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amish room box-  click on picture for details

I live in a diverse area.  We have a lot of Amish people within a  lovely 20 minute county drive.  They are called the plain people because they are dressed in very modest dresses, no prints, zippers or buttons.  They have their own religion among themselves and take care of their own.  Most are farmers or other  occupations that involve the land, furniture, wood, shops, cheese.  They have many restaurants with the best food in the world.  They are famous for the beautiful quilts they make.  The buggy and horse is the means of travel. They do not have electricity, which means they do not have TV, radio, telephones, microwaves, lights.  They do have gasoline powered appliances, washer, dryer etc.They  do not believe in pictures of themselves, and consider us the English. They do speak English but have their own Pennsylvania German language that they speak among themselves, especially if the English are around.  Amish country is my favorite place to go for the day.  I always come home with fresh produce, cheese, trail bologna, bread and other baked goods.  There is nothing better than pie or cookies and bread baked in a wood fired oven. 

This room box contains the men raising up a barn, food table loaded with goods, the women are making a lovely quilt, the little girl is playing with ducks and pigs, the buggy is hooked up to a tree.  The picture in the background came from a calender.  It looks like the valley below them

This room box portrays a barn raising.  The whole community would participate and start and finish a barn in one day.  The women would take care of the food.  Sunday is a day of rest and
church.  No sales or shops are open on that day.

A wonderful hardware that services the Amish is in Kidron Ohio. They have a wonderful website with items that are not electric. People all over the world shop from them.  They also have hard to find items for refinishing furniture, Hoosier cupboards and oil lamp parts.  They also have great toys and I found small metal wheels for miniature buggy's there.  Lehman's Hard ware.  Well worth the looksie. 

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