Monday, March 12, 2012

Cheater cloth fish mounts- click for detail in picture

These are too cute and so easy to make.  The material store is where I found these.  The fish are material flats found in the novelty section of the material area.  Each little fish is just begging to be caught.  I found a fat quarter with this on, sometimes it is a border.  I did not have the name of the material, but know it is still available.

Before cutting out the fish put a thin layer of Modge Podge on the back so it will not fray when cut.  Cut out fish.   Make a snake out of clay and fit underneath to shape fish.  Now glue snake of clay onto board.  Coat the underside of the fish with the Modge Podge and shape over the clay form. Then coat the top of the fish with the Modge Podge and shape and attach the sides to the bottom of the board.  When dry it will look and feel like a mounted fish.
You can add a bead to the eye if you want it more realistic.  The boards are odd pieces I had, or you could use tongue depressors cut to size.  These fish are about 1 inch.

I can't say enough about Modge Podge.  I use it about every day with my miniatures.  It comes in gloss and matte finish.  It is sort of like glue but thinner and dries clear and protects the surface.  In the 1970's is was solely used for Decoupage pictures.  It is an investment everyone should make.  You can use it to wallpaper, lay carpet, use underneath gravel, attach grass, tile, and the list goes on.  Another use is to make a magazine print look like an oil painting.  By cross hatching with the Modge Podge in different directions it looks like oil paint strokes when dry.

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