Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crock Pots click on picture for details
What can you make with this stuff?  Making a project out of odds and ends.   A Crock pot for your mini kitchen.  These are too cute!

You will need a clear suction cup, like the kind for windows 3/4" in size.   I found most of this stuff at the Dollar Store. 5/8" size cane or chair tip, the white cup as shown.  2 small seed beads black, 4 small black sequins, 1 larger silver sequin, scrap of thin gold wire or silver, 5 beads slightly larger than seed beads, 2 small scrapbook brads black or white, thin electrical wire for handles, flexible wire for the plug in.  I found black leather at the jewelry craft area.  The electrical wire you can get off any old appliance or tv you are getting rid of.  The inside wires will be red, green, black, white, and sometimes blue.

Lid:  Remove any hanger that may be on the suction cup.  A seed bead goes on top of the tip.  In the lid handle area I glued a black sequin and a black scrapbook brad with the tips cut off.

On the white chair tip drill a small hole in the center of the front and another at the bottom for the plug in on the back. Also 2 small holes on either side for the handle wires to go into.
In the front hole I glued a large sequin, then a small sequin and fastened with a black scrapbook brad  inside the crock  pot.  Cut electrical wire to a length to fit handle holes.  I rolled my wire over a pencil to get it round first.  Glue dabs of glue on the inside to hold the wire and then it wont pull out. The flexible cord is glued in the back hole and fixed on either side with a small sequin. The plug in is a larger black bead with a small piece of gold wire folded over to create a plug. glue the other end of the flexible cord into the plug end.  To finish glue 4 larger black beads to the bottom for the feet.  My only problem with this project was the glue.  Tacky worked most of the time until the feet. I used hot glue, then super glue.  The plastic seems to be too smooth for glue to adhere to.

For the cook book: Go to Google-Images-Crock pot cookbook.

Find the image that you like.  Right click and save to your photo gallery.  In the photo gallery select print.  I scroll down to the thumbprint 35 of each. By selecting this one it  usually  makes it 1/12 scale.  Experiment make less if you think it is not scale.  Print out and glue onto a block of wood or a ready made blank book.  Now you have a crock pot book to go with the new crock pot, and 34 others to give to your friends.  I use this method with all things I save.  Pictures are reduced, boxes,labels, posters, without having to go into paint or another program.

I hope you enjoy this project.  I just finished making 21 of these for a swap I am in.  It does take some time for 21 of these, but one would go well for an evening class at a club.  Have fun dreaming up what will be cooking inside.  If you use resin, I suggest you experiment first on a blank.  Resin will melt plastic.  I think if you coat with glue first it should stop that but I have not tried it.

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