Monday, March 26, 2012

Daisy on my shoulder with my Grandson
Daisy and the rest of my peeps.

 Spring has come early to Ohio.  80 degrees in the middle of March.  Unheard of.  So we take advantage of the weather and prepare for the year ahead.  Who can walk by baby chicks and not want one?  Evidently I can't, because on a recent trip to my favorite hardware store I came home with 6 of them.  My Grandson  stayed the week end and helped name them.  We commemorated the occasion by making chicken pom-pom refrigerator magnets, and some mini chickens for mini Easter baskets.

I live on the farm that was my Grandma Daisy's home.  She raised chickens and could sweet talk any chickens out of their eggs.  I can't say that I will be a chicken whisperer in her footsteps, but I would like to give it a try.  I was admiring the peeps on the grass and said who wants to be called Daisy.  The above pictured chicken walked right up my arm and sat down on my shoulder.  I can tell she will rule the roost.   Only a week and they are hopping out of the clothes basket that just last week was way too big.  I'm sure they will provide another adventure to my life and provide lots of humor and entertainment.  Chickens are really smart animals and can make wonderful pets.  Hopefully in 6 months they will provide me with lots of eggs as well. 

This past weekend  N.A.M.E. sponsored a Indiana State Day.  The clubs there did a wonderful job of organizing and putting on a wonderful program for us at Shipshawana, the heart of Amish County.
I arrived a day early to go to the quilt shops and other  shops in town.   The tote bag favors were really the best of any function I have been to.  There was a shoe box sale  Friday evening with a large turn out for that.  The items to be raffled were donated  by other members and the largest being a doll house.  We did make and take it it  items on 'Friday night.  Saturday consisted of 2 shelves and boxes, hat boxes and beads to make into bottles.  The reveal of the room box was in the afternoon.  It was a hat box with clear sides that could be viewed  clear around.  The club members unveiled the ones they did.  There was a toy shop, ladies boutique, antique shop, quilt shop.   I did not finish my project, but will post it when I am finished.

Each one was different and very unique.  It was a great time and wonderful to meet new friends  from around the country and catch up with old friends as well.

  The table centerpieces were very unique.  The  base held an upright open book.  The title of the book was the theme of the mini scene inside the book and onto the platform.  Some of the themes were, Alice in wonderland, sewing, gardening, Christmas, toy shop, .  The table favors and gift exchange are always fun.  There are so many talented miniaturists, it is exciting to see what you come home with, and to plan where you will put everything.

Next time I plan on sharing the chicken coop I made out of a photo file box  and mini chickens I made from 3mm yellow pom poms.

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