Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dollar Tree Miniature Finds-click on picture for details.

On a recent trip to our local Dollar Tree store I found these beautiful full size measuring spoons in the kitchen area.  They are soft plastic with the insides of each a different color.  Looking down on them there is a white ring around the top of the color.  They look just like bowls.  Do I plan on using them to cook with?   NOOO!   They will look dashing in my mini kitchen.

Using tin or wire snips cut the handle off  following the circular pattern.  I then put them to my electric sander and sanded them following the circle pattern. I then sanded the center bottom flat so they would sit flat.  It is plastic so it bunches up in ball,  as you  sand, it melts.  This is them removed by an exacto knife.  Sand smooth with an emery board or sand paper.  To get the gloss back and to have a sheen  like the rest of the bowl, use Modge Podge or clear nail polish in a thin coat to cover the area sanded.

I did not use the Tablespoon size it is more Barbie size, but the smallest bowl  is 1/2 inch and the largest bowl is 1 inch.

There were many variety color sets as well as all one color sets.

This would make an easy swap idea or set of these for a great gift.
The small ones could be cereal bowls, or pet bowls. $1.00 for 6!

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