Friday, March 16, 2012

Fern from Dollar Tree find 

 The items you will need are mini plastic champagne nut cup glasses from the wedding section of Dollar tree.  These are 4 inches high including the clear glass part.  Black acrylic paint, dark eucalyptus green patio paint, thin green wire and florist tape, tacky glue and tiny scissors.  Twist the clear plastic cup out for the stand.  Don't throw away, I have a project started  to use that in.  Paint the plastic stand black and leave dry. The stand is now 2 1/2 " high. Using the patio paint and a small to medium brush,  dip brush into paint and then wipe off most of it onto a paper towel.  This will be a dry brush technique.  The purpose is to build the paint slowly and still allow the black to show thru.   Go over the black paint lightly. It  will look like verdigris finish when done . Put extra high lights on the  portions that look like carvings.Use an acrylic clear finish to seal the paint.   For the ferns cut 4 inches for the longest fronds from the florest tape. Lay this down on a table and coat the whole side facing up  with a thin coat of tacky glue.  Insert a piece of wire over half the length, at the 2 inch in mark.  Take the other 2 inches of the tape and fold over the wire with the glue and let dry.  Refer to the fronds on the picture.   When dry using tiny scissors cut slits into the tape forming the fronds.  Gradually shorten the tape until you get short sizes for the tops and centers.  To get a frilly, curly look run the fronds that are cut thru your fingers a couple of times and they will curl.
Insert clay inside the container and dip the wire ends into glue.  Form into a fern starting at outer edges and draping down over the sides and going to the center with the shorter fronds.  Because they have wires in them you can curl and shape any way you want.  It is really hard to say how many you will need.  When you are happy with the fullness  you will know you are done.

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