Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flower Pot mini person for you garden scene
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This is a cute and easy item that can be made for a swap or club project.  You've seen these in magazines in the large size, now its time for the mini man.  The entire thing is 2" high and 2" from front to back.

I used unfinished wood flower pots from my craft store and then painted them terra cotta.  Joanne Fabrics used to carry real tiny terra cotta, so check your local store.

You will need- two =2" pots, 1 for the head upright, and 1 for the body turned upside down.  glue together.

You will need- ten -1/2 inch pots.  glue 3 inside each other for each leg and glue onto the bottom of the pot. glue 2 inside each other for each arm.  Let these dry and when dry sand a slight slope off the back of the arm 45degree angle so it will lay flat to the body.  I used tacky glue for this, but you could use hot glue if you were in a hurry.  I then painted with terra cotta paint.  The plants are grass that I found in a clump.  It would be a great place for  flowers and vines of some kind, but that would take another class for that.  A small animal of some kind or a watering can would look great in the lap.  Also a sign of some kind like Garden of Weeden, Thyme started in a garden.


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