Thursday, March 8, 2012

 Freebies from the internet

Here are some face masks that I got off the internet.  To find your own
go onto a search engine, Google, Bing,
whatever your favorite.  Press images, and then masks.  About 1000 pictures will come up.When you find the ones you want, right click and save to your picture files.

To print out to miniature size you can transport into a paint program.  I use my picture program photo gallery.
I select print and it takes you into the sizes you would like to select.  If your picture is 8x10 I choose the 35 pictures(thumbprints) and that prints it out to about the size I need for 1/12 scale.  You have to experiment to see the size it will be.

I think these look like the antique masks.  They would look good on cardstock with the eyes punched out.  Tie strings onto the sides.  They would look great on a mini wall, or in a picture frame.

I havent't done anything with these yet.  I just love the colors and art work.  Probably British in origin.

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