Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pom  Pom chickens click on picture for detail

I did not like the picture I had first put on and now I have to rewrite everything because it went by-by.  Still learning how this blog wants to work.  The pom-poms are yellow 3 mm in size.  You need 2 for every peep.  Glue 2 together and let dry.  The eyes are the little dots inside every sequin package.  They are the knock outs from the holes. The beaks are little pieces of paper cut in diamond shapes and folded in half.  The wings and tails are little scraps of tissue paper yellow or white scrunched together and glued on.  The legs and feet are thin orange wire doubled over and glued to the bottom of the body.  After dry add another set of feet  by gluing a U shaped bent wire onto the back of the leg.They need at least 3-5 toes.  This picture gives more details to tiny size of these.   This is a mini fairy garden in 1/12 scale. Each one is less than 1/2 inch  including the legs and feet.  I used tweezers for constructing these because they are so tiny and hard to hold.

My real peeps are doing well.  They have grown triple in size and are no longer yellow. Blotches of every color and ready to roost.  I am converting the kids playhouse into the chicken coop.  It has been  a playhouse, converted to potters shed, tools shed, storage shed, dog shelter, racoon home  .It is the same size and setting on the spot where the smoke house used to be.  I think it fitting for a chicken house.    The bunk beds inside will
 be perfect for the chickens to roost in their  storage crate containers turned on the side.  An old bunk bed ladder will be a handy roost for them.  When all is finished I will share a picture.
It started out as a beautiful sunny day.  Time for mowing the grass.  Nothing wanted to start for the first time since fall.  Took a couple hours fixing,  oil checking and putting gas into everything.  Started to mow, started to rain, continued to mow, finished the grass just about the same time as the rain stopping.  I guess it was my April Fools joke on myself.

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