Thursday, March 15, 2012

Miss Feloney says HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!

My favorite miniaturist and floor sweeper just being a Ham.  I thought you all could use a laugh..  Feloney is an American Bulldog and weighs over 100 pounds.  She thinks she is still a pup and tries to crawl up onto my lap every night.  If I really am really tired, she succeeds.  She also helps take care of a rescue dog during the day.  Quite a mother.

I have quite a few new projects to share with you, but I do not have the pictures taken yet.  So today I will share a few more of my favorite websites.

If you go into a search engine just put in the main words and the website should come up.  I noticed that not all search engines will bring up a web address, like mine for instance.  Yahoo seems to be a problem, but google comes right up.  or   This may come up as being repaired, but look for the tabs(black) at the top of the page,  This is not the easiest site to figure out, but once you get in there are all kinds of printies-file storage box, frankenstien stand up, the coppertone girl, pizza boxes, crate labels, fans.   There are furniture patterns to print out, Morris chairs, apothacary chest, flip top Williamsburg tavern table, picnic table, deck chair..

Jims printables:  Can't say enough about this site.  When you sign in you have the option to choose what size you prefer.  This  is an all inclusive site. Just about everything you are looking for.   Fimo food and beautiful print outs  Wonderful free printies of just about every area you need printouts for.  Beautiful art work.  I was going to save this for Halloween but I couldnt wait.  If you like potion labels for bottles check this one out. one has quite a few  printables and links to it. She has a few of the Betty Boop free printables under a link. .

  The Free Betty Boop website is not available anymore.  It has closed down.  It was page after page of printables for everything new and old.  I think I printed out every page about 5 years ago.  It is such a shame  that web carrier closed down.  You just don't find sites like that any more.

Well this should keep you busy for  a while.  Make sure you mark whats in them for future reference.

I'm currently working on plants for a tiny greenhouse and table gifts for a State day function I am going to.  I found the neatest holder for a fern at the Dollar store in the Wedding section.  I will share it with you when I get the chance to take pictures.

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