Monday, March 12, 2012

Paint Supplies from throw away items.  click on picture for more detail.

I recently finished making the above items for a swap.  All of the items used,  would for normal people, probably end up in the trash.  I however, see the end product as soon as it hits my hand.

The paint cans are from the little canisters with silica in them used in medicine bottles.  They are supposed to keep the contents dry.  Scrap wire for the handles attached to a sequin for the handle holder on either side.  The one set of cans I used thumb tacks for the extra lid on top and dolloped paint around to look like it was used.  The other I left as a new can.  For the labels I googled- paint can labels-images and the 2 shown came up.  Look at yesterdays blog to see how to save and print them off.

I cut real fine sandpaper up into little pieces for the sand paper.

The jars are are clear square beads.  I put a black paper fastener, scrap book stores, on top for the lid.  The bottom I filled with holeless silver beads and smeared the hole over with tacky glue.  Now you have jars with screws inside.  Round pony beads would work as well, they look like baby food jars.

The paint roller is made from a round coffee stir stick,covered with a stretch Curad bandage.  It looks fluffy like a pint roller  A sturdy wire is bent to look like the handle.  Glue the roller part onto the wire and use a sequin to finish off the end of the roller.  The  red handle portion on the wire is some neat stuff I discovered in the electrical portion of a home store.  It is called heat shrink insulation.  It is about the size of a drinking straw and comes in all the basic colors of the rainbow.  When put on a wire and using  a heat gun, I used my embossing gun, it shrinks to the size of the item it is put onto and gets hard.  It is 1/8 " wide-thin wall heat shrink about 20 pieces per package and Panduit makes it.

The paint brushes I got at a dollar store and cut down to size and glued onto a tooth pick.  I fanned the brush portion and used tin foil to hold the brush to the tooth pick.

Finally the paint pan.  This item is also  from Panduit Electrical- plastic and it is used to pull wires thru and keep the connections out of the way..  I got two pans out of each one.  I cut them off  with a saw.  The dip  or well where the paint goes is what I saw when I picked them up.  For the textured portion, I used a ribbed paper from the scrapbook store.  Metal ties were bent for the legs that hold onto the ladder.  I love to stretch my imagination.  All that is left is a drop cloth, ladder, and a pair of rubber gloves, a can of pop or a cup of coffee, and someone is good to go paint!

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