Sunday, March 4, 2012

Peanut Tote Bag Favor  click for details on

Anticipation of going to a miniature event always first includes the planning and making of Tote Bag favors.

Tote bag favors are as much fun to make as they are to receive.  Before a convention or State Day-tote bag favors are made to be given to each registar for that function.

Usually individulals or clubs get together and do the favors.  Sometimes there is a theme. I made a peanut man, sorry cant use the real name, for a recent State Day.  140  of these tiny men were made all by my self.
The inspiration was the picture.  I found the peanut bunch at a flower shop.  The pipe cleaners are very thin and I used for the arms and legs.  The bottom of the legs have a small bead for a shoe.  I drilled holes for the arms.  The white gloves I cut with my cricut cutter and glued 2 together. The hat is a small plastic hat, and each has a monacle on his eye.   It is about 1 " high. It is designed for a shelf sitter.

The tote bags are filled with wonderful items.  Each carefully and beautifully made.
It is fun to sit around with others and look at each one together, and plan where each will go in a current or future project.

If I can stand it I like to not look at mine until I get home.  Then I have something exciting to look forward to and can extend out the wonderful time I had at the function.

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