Friday, March 16, 2012

Tea bag holders I am going to use for something else.

I went to the Chicago International show last April.  I have never been there so I included extra time to see the city.  My favorite place was of course the Art Museum with  the Thorn Rooms.  Across the street is a gift shop Chicago Architectural Foundation. They have a lot of very interesting things in this gift shop.  The pictures above are tea bag holders by Donkey products.  They had tea bags attached to the bottom of each.  The principle is the arms of the people go over the tea cup and hold the tea bag.  I makes it look like a person in a tea cup. The head is aprox 1" and the arm span about 4 inches.  If you click on each picture you can see the famous people on these beautifully done heavy cardboard.  The Royal Family, actors, poets, scholars, Presidents etc.  I drank the tea but I thought these would look great as chair backs, drape over a fence, like the guy in home improvement, Put in a dressed bed . I could cut the arms off and reverse them for the arms of chairs.  I just thought they were too cute to not get them.  So they are in my inspiration stash.  They are printed in Great Britian and very detailed.  They also have a sense of humor.

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