Friday, March 2, 2012

Victorian Dress Shoppe- click on picture to enlarge details

This is a dress shop I made before I started making dolls.  Dress design and making dresses are one of my favorite things to do.  Victorian at one time was my era, now the older I get the stuffier it gets for me. I still think it is elegant, but I have moved on in time.  I just can't imagine me in all those undergarments and all that bulky material.
I suffocate thinking about it. 

Each of the dresses was made on a Styrofoam cone and  hand sewn and glued.  The hats, corsets, are all hand made.The material was found at resale shops, mostly blouses.
  This box was in a museum opening last year.  I like to go and stand around to see what people say.  A woman who was there as people were ooh and ah hing over it said , "Oh you can get this stuff in any store, cheap"  Its all made overseas".

So much for the hours and hours I spent making them.  Between the hours and the time, they would not be cheap.  This room box appeared in an article in American Miniaturist, within the last 5 years. Could not locate the magazine.

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