Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miss Feloney does Red Hat

This dog does get into everything.  I was browsing my pictures before going to bed and I found this one of my daughters dog.  I came up with a room box idea just by looking at it.

In Ohio the Red Hat Society is ever so popular.  I qualify for the age to join, over 55 I believe, but the time just isn't available to be in their functions.  So far all the ones I have met in my area are big in card clubs, going to tea rooms, or just out to eat and a movie.  Of course they wear the red hats and purple outfits.  It looks like they are having a great time socializing, and of course the red and purple garb draws attention wherever they go.  I went on a bus trip a couple of years ago and there were about 12 Red Hats on the bus.  Not a dull moment!

My room box idea is using those plastic skeletons available at Halloween in the Dollar Stores.
I would like to make a tea room and the skeletons would be dressed in the Red Hat garb with the feather boa's and high heels.   Mine would be loaded with gaudy jewelry and bracelets, and designer purses. They will have been shopping with shopping bags all around the tables . The tables would be elegant with all the trimmings of a high tea.  Perhaps a fountain in the center.  I think this would be a hoot!!!   Putting this on my back burner!!  So much to do!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Windows of Provence  click on picture for details

The ladies of the T.A.M.E. club in Toledo do a great job of putting together a special project each year that is open to others outside their club.  This piece is a companion piece to the Doors of Provence I did a blog on earlier.  This is a window of Provence.  It is done in a deep box picture frame, about 3 inches in depth and about 12x15 in size.  It is available at Michael's Craft store.  A stucco Styrofoam wall is the back and a window with shutters is the feature.  The rest of the items are made from Japanese water color paper and punches for the flowers.  I added a bike with groceries from the local market.  I plan on putting in a brick street under the bike.  These hang on the wall and do not take up a lot of room.  I plan on doing more of these using the wonderful pictures that are on line as inspiration.  Just google Doors or windows of Provence. .  I took the glass out to take the picture, but it is all enclosed in a box with just a hint of brown as a frame with a glass cover.

The stucco is made of acrylic spackling on a Styrofoam base.  Then antique with a brown glaze, allow to dry and use caulks to add more aging.  An exacto knife can be used to add cracks.

This was an all day project.  A lot of preparation was necessary.  The techniques were all new to me, and the flowers and the finish work I finished at home. 

This was a great project that could be taught over a couple of evenings for a club.

This same type of frame would be wonderful for a street vendor scence or store front.  It is just deep enough to get the idea that there is more behind, but a lot of window space could be used for fruits, cakes, bakery, antiques, dress shop etc.     The time to purchase is when Michaels has a 40 or 50% coupon on line or in the paper.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Car planter garage sale find - Before

Garage sale find after a coat of paint-
not finished-but a big difference

Today I pulled out the car I will be using for my 1910 reunion
 scene.  I got it at a garage sale.   I thought it was cute and just
 about the right scale.  It was ugly looking, made of copper
 colored tin,  but I love to make things into something else. 
 I put the first coat of paint  on today.  Quite a difference. 
 Now I know I can make something out of this. 
 I found some black pleather, thin leather like material,
 in my stash.  I will use it to cover the  convertible top
 which is pressed tin now.The seat will be made out
 of Styrofoam and covered with the same pleather. 

 My Grandmother had an old car similar to this one. 
 It was blue and a hard top.   When she could no longer
 drive she made it into a chicken coop.   It was parked
 next to a stream and the chickens came in and out thru
 the back window.   I remember the seats had buttons and
 were tufted and stuffed with horsehair.  I can remember
 pretending to drive the car and running my hands over
 the buttons.   I enjoyed taking those chickens along
with me on my imaginary trips.   They always rewarded
 me with eggs for spending time with them.  I would
 take them in to Grandma Daisy and we would scramble
 them for lunch.   I will recreate the tufting on the seats. 
  It might take some time to do that,  but it will make a
 big difference in the finished project. 

The lights will be filled with clear glass buttons for 
 lenses.   I will have to make a steering wheel and gear
 shift.    A couple  more coats of paint and some hubs
 to come out of the wheels should finish the car. 
 I think it was a wise investment. 
 $1.00 to be exact!  One man's trash is another
 Miniaturist treasure!!!!

Watermelon in a tub  click on picture for details

Today in Ohio Mother Nature is playing tricks again.  40 degrees, rain and a chance of snow.  Last week we had 80 high.  Today I decided to do chores around the house.   I put on a large pot of coffee and made chocolate peanut butter cup cookies.   However the only chores I did were miniatures.   I starting on a new project, one that I have wanted to do for a long time.   I painted and assembled 25 chairs from kits and also the tables for a 1910 reunion scene.  The picture I shared with you in an earlier blog of this reunion.  The bricks for the streets I am making with Duffs texture sheets that I shared with you the other day.  Running the clay threw a pasta roller just for clay helps to maintain the thickness.  I love those fondant molds.  I was going to have to buy tiny bricks for the street.  Time and lots of money purchasing those.  So much easier to make from clay.  Paint will age it just like I want it.

The above picture is of watermelon in a tub made with nutmeg pods.  I got the pods at a bulk food store in Amish country.  For those of you that do not know, ground up nutmeg comes from the brown pods above.  The whole pod is scraped on a grater and has a wonderful smell. They have a hard shell and sometimes a piece gets into the ground nutmeg that is a tooth cruncher.    I prefer to sift my ground nutmeg to get the big stuff out.  Love the taste in tapioca.

The front pod is painted with acrylic paints and later a few white thin streaks were added.  The water pan is from a craft store just the right size for a Saturday night bath!  I filled the bottom with paper towels and then glued down the pods.  To make them look wet I used Gloss Modge Podge on the pod and extended onto the rest of the paper towels to help glue down the pellets.   The pellets are over filled to allow to dry and then knock off excess.  The pellets I used are the plastic ones for dolls to use as weights in legs and arms.  Most craft stores have them.  If you cannot find these the plastic bake it crystals are becoming popular again.  These are the ones baked into the oven and look like stained glass ornaments.  Look in the children's department for these..   I have had a great time today looking thru my stash for food and assorted plates for the tables.  

I found some doily's at a resale store that were used on the arms of chairs.  Tiny, flower and off white lace and just enough for table cloths for  the tables I plan on using .   They are long and narrow.  I also found all the picnic baskets I plan on using. 

At one of the Name conventions I got a class project from Pat Boldt on a Victorian baby carriage.  I will make that and put it off to the side.  Even though its not in the picture I will take the liberties to think they had one.

I usually start 4 projects at a time.  It takes time for the paint and glue to dry.  So my dedicated work room is usually an unorganized mess to anyone who isn't  into miniatures.  I however know just where everything needs to be.  Just where I put it!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ace of Cakes texture tiles click onto picture for details

I found these at Michael's in the cake decorating department.  Duff Goldman developed these for Fondant for cakes.  He is the Ace of Cakes show that was on last year.  There are many other patterns available, but these are just right for miniature making.  The bricks are 1/2 x 1/4 on each and the flooring is 2 inches x1/4" each board.  The rock and cobblestones are just the right size for walkways.

Now I know we don't use fondant in miniatures, but Fimo is just like fondant in texture.  Roll thin and mold into molds.  After handling the clay gets soft.  Put into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes to retain the shape and pop out of mold onto a metal or parchment paper pan. Follow directions on baking temperature.  Do not use pans that you use to cook with.  A small baking sheet just for Fimo baking should be used. When  baked we have the start of any garden or room flooring.  Fimo can be painted with any acrylic paint just like plastic.  It can be cut after baking into desire shapes and sizes.
Goldilocks and the 3 bears before painting
Goldilocks and the3 bears after painting click on picture for details

This is the finished project from April 11, when I showed you the sticks I got in the childrens department at Michaels.

The top picture is how I cut them and glued together.  The feet are from the bottom where I shortened them.  I painted all  using acrylic paints and added detail on with toothpicks.  Bunka is the hair that is unraveled.  The ears on the bears are paper punchouts using a paper punch.  Each bear and girl used 2 of the flat sticks.  One is the back and the other is the front that is cut from to shorten and make seats. 

This was an easy project, I used my exacto knive and sandpaper for the tools.  It would be an ideal project for a club or swap.  I plan on using them in next years Kentucky State Day.  The theme is toys and memories of yesteryear. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Raggity Ann and Andy chairs  before
Raggity Ann and Andy chairs  after

A few days ago I showed you the flat sticks from Hobby Lobby.  Above shows  how I cut them into chairs and the next picture is of the finished chairs.    Very simple and easy to paint using acrylic paints.  I used a toothpick for the tiny dots on Ann's dress.   The hair is unraveled red bunka and cut in tiny pieces.  Use tweezers to place on the head after applying glue.

I did not have to use special tools to cut these.  Just a miter saw and sandpaper.  The wood is thin and brittle so score it first with a razor blade to avoid splintering.

This project went fast and one could be done in a evening for a class project at mini club.  These would be perfect in a playhouse or child's room.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden scene click to enlarge for detail

This is a garden scene that would be very easy and fast to make.  It would be a great evening project for a club or for a children's project.  Anyone would love to receive this for a table favor at a convention.  I won this at a Convention as a door prize.  The base is cardboard covered with green moss for grass.  A bunny and dog are sitting by a pan of white flowers.  The flowers are cut from a floral bush.  The fence is a rusted metal that is so popular right now.  Wood  ones would work as well and are more readily available at craft stores. Moss is stretched out over the fence and tiny pink flowers are glued on that.  The bird house is on a twig and glued to a brown fimo base.  The bush out to the side are beautifully made black eyed susans and goldenrod with greens, dried dill I believe.   A couple of rocks are glued here and there.  I think this was a wonderful prize.  This could be adapted to what ever you have in your stash.  A birdbath or birdhouses on posts with birds sitting on them.  Perhaps a scarecrow with blackbirds and pumpkins on the posts.  A bench in front of the fence with assorted county items on it.  The possibilities are endless.

Dollar store finds in a garden setting  click picture to enlarge

A few years ago at a Dollar store the Statues of the angel and the Saint were found.  I did not think to much of them at the time, they were all one color of dirty gray.  I bought a couple to see how I could improve them.  Black paint was the first coat and then a spray fix on top.  A turquoise top coat and as soon as that is on I started wiping it off with a wet rag.  The result is a ver-di-gris finish .  I was quite happy with the results and went on to do about 50 or more and sold them at shows when I was still a dealer.  If you look at something with an open mind ideas will come to you. I made the garden scene on a cardboard base and filled in with flowers and moss.  The rocks are made from Fimo granite clay in assorted colors.  The mold I used for these rocks were purchased  at a train store.  It would be boulders for trains, but just the right size for rocks in 1/12 scale.  They have many silicone molds that can be used for miniatures, bricks, boulders, shingles.  Tiny gravels, grass, mosses and other items for gardens and trees.  Building materials are another thing that can be converted into 1/12 scale.  I found corrugated material for roofs and bead board for cupboards I was building.

Dollar store finds in a garden setting click on picture to enlarge

The base for this is also cardboard and the rocks are pebbles found in my driveway.  I used resin for the fish pond and embedded goldfish and Lilly pads before it set.  The water in the water can and pouring out is hot glue.  The cattails are stamens for flowers that I painted brown.  The lilly pads are made from tiny shells that are glued in the formation of a flower just opening up.  I dyed them pink before placing them in the resin.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Shop of Horrors Plant  click on picture to enlarge

This is my version of the Little Shop of Horrors plant.  I went to a craft shop that had old flower parts.  The pods that are draped around the flower pot were in a bag for use to make stamens in you own flower.  I saw a plant creature in this one. All that's needed to make this is a similar pod or stamen, a flower pot and floral tape, some lace with a bottom that looks like little teeth and the smallest eyes you can find.

The pot can be antiqued with paint, fill with child's modeling clay and on top coat with glue all over.  Apply dry coffee grounds for the dirt and stick the wires from the pods into the clay and dirt.  Apply tiny eyes.  The teeth are cut from jagged lace in a small strip and glued onto upper or lower jaws.  Cut floral tape in small strips and curl the ends , apply to the wire as arms curled over on to the hips.  This would be perfect in a greenhouse or a Halloween room box.

Tea time

This room box is a small 8x10 room box built around a picture frame.  The Seattle Name 2010 Convention's theme was around any thing British.  My table favors were the tea table with all the trims.  A tiered cookie tray was made out of 3 plates with clear bugle beads in between, a plate of finger sandwiches made out of fimo with poppy seeds molded in and a white  or yellow foamy sheet glued to replicate egg salad and creme cheese.The table is completed with a tea pot and creme and sugar and a cup of tea.  The tea in the cup was glass stain in a tea color and the sugar in the bowl is small clear white glitter.

The inspiration for the colors was the rug on the floor.  This was an antique hand hooked doily with one end damaged that I found at a resale shop.  The couch and chairs just happened to match.  The dress  I made myself using a silk blouse, Styrofoam round tube and the top of a Barbie cupcake pick with the head cut off.  The wallpaper is scrapbook paper I found to match the rest of the color scheme.

The picture frames on the wall are white plastic ones and I painted them gold.  Jim's printables provided the pictures and wedding certificate.  The picture frame on the outside is a fancy carved gold one that I found at the Dollar tree.  I built the box on the outside using fiberboard.

Our local museum the McKinley Museum, had this on display along with my Victorian Dress Shop when they had a Victorian show case this past year.

If you have a local museum or library with showcases volunteer to display your miniatures.  They are very happy  to accommodate you and the patrons love the miniature displays.  I took pictures of my room boxes and gave them to the library and the museum.  If they have something going in that theme ask them to give you a call. Often there are empty spots in the cases  and they would be happy to fill them.  You need to make that first call.

Our local museum is going to have a Dollhouse Display for about 6 months this year.  They did this about 2 years ago and was one of their most popular displays.  I don't know what I am going to put in it yet, but I look forward to seeing a dollhouse from my past.

  A twist of history and I'm sure not a coincidence story for you about my very first  hand built dollhouse built by my former Engineer husband. The house was started about 1976 and worked on for about 3 years. The house was 2 stories, built just like a real house, hallways, tung and groove floors thru out, hung doors, pantry, real windows, fireplace.  It was about 6 feet long and 4 foot high.  Everything was exact to real house specs.  I wallpapered it with what would have been then colonial paper.  It was a lovely doll house.   My children played with it, it was home to cats and dogs and hamsters.   The neighbor girls and their friends like to play with it more then my daughter, she was more into horses.  It was completely furnished and the pantry stocked with food and dishes.  A bathroom any mini sole would love to have.   It took up a lot of room so when my daughter got older it was delegated to the attic garage of my father.  Over 20 years passed by and during that time the house became the home of a chipmunk.  He used the pantry for nuts and slept in a nest in the bathtub.  He used the paper from the walls in the nest and chewed up some of the floor.  I called him Chippy.  In that time many changes occurred in my life and those I loved.  Children grew up and left the nest, husband took another direction in life, mother and father passed away. It was necessary for me to dissolve a household of 88 years.   I loved the dollhouse but I just did not have the room, and the memories of the past were not easy to handle so I made the decision to let the dollhouse go  in the auction with  my fathers things. 

A Young man bought the house for his girlfriends daughter.
When he took it home his girlfriend was elated and said where did you get this dollhouse?  After explaining, she said I used to play with this dollhouse all the time at my friends house!!

As it turned out she loved the house and now her daughter loves it too!  The whole family chipped in to restore it just as it was, paper and all. When I found out the story, she was related to My sister-in-law's sister,  I donated a large box of furniture and accessories to her.  I was so happy someone I knew could love it as much as I did. It is going to be in the dollhouse show at the museum and I look forward to seeing it again and maybe take pictures.  It truly is a small world.!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wood cut outs found at Hobby Lobby

More wood cutouts found at Hobby Lobby

A recent search and seek mission at Hobby Lobby turned up the wood cut outs of people.  I found them in the children's department.  The first set of people are 1/12 scale and are going to be Raggity Ann and Andy chairs.  I did an article for American Miniaturist a few years ago using dollar store chairs and made them into the famous duo.  The only problem I let them have the set to give as a giveaway and now can't show you the originals.  So shortly I will have these done and  show the end result.

The next set are more 1/2 scale and I am going to do Goldilocks and the 3 Bears chairs out of these.  I love the challenge of making something great out of simple things.  I am sure this isn't every ones cup of tea so to speak, but isn't it great there are coffee drinkers as well.  Some people love to purchase other peoples miniatures and get gratification out of saying "Oh this is so and so's" and its signed.  I like to get gratification out of saying I made it myself and I signed it!  Only by making it can you know how much time has gone in to it to complete the project.  Only by making it can you know the steps back you had to take because it did,'t go as planned.  Example, glue not right, falling apart, paint not right color, paint crinkles up because undercoat not right, dog eats whole project for supper, drops on floor and you step on it, coffee cup falls over and now its tea dyed. The list goes on.

 A recent Convention in Cleveland I precommitted myself to an Elvis and Friends in a Convertible.  Project got finished, I started to pack the my car with all the luggage, garage sale boxes and in the excitement I was not paying attention to the dog.  When I picked up the Elvis car, he and a girl friend were missing.  Not the right time to go out on a date!    Backtracking my steps to the house to locate the missing subjects I found them laying on the floor with no clothes on!!!! Elvis's head and guitar were rolling around in the dogs mouth.   My obligation was already printed in the souvenir booklet.  No extra dolls laying around.  Being a person of my word,   I grabbed a pink Cadillac and a piano for a raffle item.  I don't think they were very happy at the check in.  I happened to sit next to someone who said they were looking for the Elvis and Friends House party helper and couldn't find it.  I kept my mouth shut hoping the evening went by fast.  Moral to the story;   Always believe when someone says "My dog ate my homework."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interesting comparison Nick Cage pictures

This has nothing to do with miniatures unless you want it to.
What it has to do with is very interesting.  The picture on the left is of Actor Nick cage.  The picture on the right is of an unknown man taken from the time of the civil war?  Isn't it uncanny how much they look alike?   A man was trying to sell the old picture on E bay as a picture of Nick Cage 100 years ago , because he said he is a Vampire!   The troubling part was people were bidding on it!

  Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, this one I don't happen to agree with.  But it gave me a great idea for a Halloween box using the pictures.  Since in miniatures we can create anything, anyway we want it, why not  use the pictures for the basis of inspiration for a room box? Vampires seem to be the rage right now.  I haven't brain stormed on this one yet, but I think  This one could be good!   I am not a big Halloween person in real life, but in miniatures it  is so much fun.  I guess because it seems safer and everyone plays by my rules.  It holds the innocence of childhood and everything is created with that in mind.  No evil or darkness as it has become.  It is  3 nights of trick or treating and grocery store bags of treats and goodies that lasted into the next year.  The nastiest trick was corn in mailboxes, or maybe tomatoes.  1950's Halloween was a great time to be alive.! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Supplies needed for making bread

Bread in pan and finished breads

You will need basic supplies for making mini bread.

Colored chalks in browns and golds, Pluffy modeling clay by Sculpey,  a clear pan that held the gum in package of Eclipse Gum.
If you have melted butter color glass stain you can use that instead of the chalk to make it look golden brown.

Pluffy is a soft moldable clay like marshmallows.  It stays soft unless you want it permanent and you can bake in oven to keep it forever.  It feels and cuts like real bread when done.  Crayola makes a soft moldable that air dries that can be used as well usually found in the childres department at Michaels or other craft store. 
Shape clay into a mound and put into gum tray. Round off the tops like bread that has been baked. This is a perfect size for bread mold and it makes all you loaves uniform.  Remove from tray and bake in a 275 degree oven for 15 minutes.  When cool use chalks for a golden brown look.  I use gold first and cover with light brown until desired look is acquired.  A coat of Glossy Modge Podge can be used for a buttered look.

This clay can be used for sweet rolls, buns and other bread articles.  A bowl with dough running over would be a great addition to bread making day.

A razor blade can be used to slice the bread.  A plate with fresh bread and a jar of jam would be great on a breakfast tray.  Use a bugle bead in desired jam color.  Top with a jewel find or paper brad for a lid.

Wine with your cheese?

Wine-cheese -grapes and chips
click picture for larger detail

The project would be a great evening project for a mini club or a fast and easy swap gift.

You will need a wood circle or disk or poker chip for a tray, jewel finds at a craft store consisting of a cup and wine bottle, Styrofoam dots at a floral department that look like grapes.  These are usually attached to flowers as a filler.  A cork from a wine bottle, Yellow Fimo cut in slices, or silicone cut offs from a silicone mold making kit.   Green tissue paper

The green tissue paper is ripped into small strips or cut from a punch to resemble grape leaves. Glue to the base.  The silver jewel trinkets are glued onto the back.  I used glass stain in purple to fill the wine glass.  Glue the grapes on the side and save some to fill in around the back and in between the cheese.  The cheese is cut into tiny slices and chunks.  The cork is sliced and then sliced thin.  The brown and beige cheese on my tray is from a sole of my shoes that fell off.  I immediately saw cheese and rind with that one.  Some day my kids will go through my things and wonder why I kept a dirty old shoe sole.  The yellow is from scraps from a silicone mold making kit.  Fimo could be used in uncooked stage.  Glue all onto wood tray in a pleasing arrangement.  Fill in spaces with leaves or grapes.

The bowl of chips is an extra.  The bowl is a button and the chips are something you throw away or compost.  Green pepper seeds!!!! Collect a bunch of the seeds from peppers and the next time  turn your oven on put these in and bake  until lightly golden brown.  Chalk in a golden color or brown tones can be added.  I coat over with matte Modge Podge after gluing into bowl.  Bugs have never bothered these, but a mouse might eat them if you have a tendency to have one slip in and visit.

The chips can be used for another quick project.  Check out your adds for potato chips in you grocery store.  Find a bag that is scale and scan into your computer.  Print out the bags and glue together leaving the top open.  Coat the paper bag with glossy ModgePodge and leave dry.  Lay bag on its side and fill with paper towel to inflate bag and look like it is full.  Extend the paper towel out onto the table about 1/4-1/2 inch.  Coat with glue and pour chips over the glue.  Now you have a bag of opened chips that fell over and spilled out onto the table.

If you do not like the disarray of the chips set bag upright, fill with paper towels and fill the top with glue. Pour chips onto the glue and now you have a bag of just opened chips.

These look good on a picnic arrangement for the 4th of July or a reunion.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Making an easy tiled table

Finished tile table

I like the look of tiled tables.  On a recent trip to the scrap book store I found these presticking Mosaic tiles used in scrap booking. These tiles come in all colors and shapes.  I choose the big square for the center and a tiny one for the outside.  The table is a prefinished one, painted plain white.  The only other thing you will need is Nail Hole Filler spackling.  This is the neatest stuff.  It is acrylic and has a sponge applicator on the end with a hole in it.  It applies and smooths in one application.  However, since the spaces are small and it is acrylic you might have to use a second coat.
I learned how to tile in the winter on my kitchen wall. I went to Lowe's saw the tile, asked how to do it.  They hooked me up with all the tools and I came home and completed the kitchen in one afternoon.  This tiny table was a really small job and a very fast and easy project. 

Depending on the size of your table the tiles might work out in the proper order with out making your gaps in between a bit smaller to fit.
Since the tiles are already stuck with sticky tape, just shove  with a little pressure and press down.  Let set for a couple hours for the tape to set.

Using the spackle applicator, apply all over with pressure to push into little slots of tiles.  Let set.  The best way to remove excess is with your finger.  A cloth will take the spackle out of the slots.  Wet you finger and smooth across the tiles in one swoop.  Wipe off fingers and smooth again.  Repeat this process until all is smooth. Run your finger around the outside edges of table to remove any run off.  Let dry and then with a soft cloth, buff off any residue left of tiles.

This tile process would look great on floors in a mini scene, on kitchen back drops in a contemporay kitchen, planter boxes, garden benches.  Michaels has a large selection of these tiles

I want to do a Mary Englebreit kitchen and a table with her color scheme of red, black and yellow would be a fun addition.

Easter Bunny Redo
Now a chocolate bunny for Easter

On a recent shopping trip to Marcs, I found this Easter Bunny game.  It was $2.39.  A child will never see this game.  It has now become chocolate rabbits for Easter for a 1/12 scale scene.
The rabbits were painted with chocolate color paint.  The lovely white basket was a table favor gift at the Indiana State day.  It was made by Carole Phegley of Michigan City, Indiana.  It is hand woven crepe paper and made into a tiny basket.   The other basket is made from brown cross stitch material, soaked in water and shaped over a form, round or oval and held in place with a rubber band.  When dry it becomes stiff again.  Trim off the top and weave three pieces of waxed linen together and glue around the outside edge.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unexpected mini find at 1.00 store

Unexpected mini find in kids section of gift shop

When traveling I  look for miniatures wherever my trip takes me.  On a recent trip I found a pencil sharpener in the shape of a pot belly stove.  The stove pipe is bent and a flexable straw will complete the section into the wall.  Would be perfect for any general store or old time office.  I will paint it a flat black of course.  It stand 3 inches high and has a lot of detailing on it.  Sometimes museums have these  in the childrens section.

The orange and green holed object is a game for childen found at a dollar store.  It has small colored disks for tic tac toe.  Those can be used for plates.  When I looked at it I saw a wine rack.  The bottles are 1/12 scale wine bottles.  There are room for 30 bottles.  The swivil green bottom that holds it up would make an ideal base for boxes of grapes. I will paint this to look like wood and fill up each hole with vintage wine.  The whole thing is 4" by 3" high

When I leave home "hopefully" wishing to find a mini treasure, I usually do in unexpected places.

Card Playing Dogs   click picture to enlarge detail

I have always loved the pictures of the card playing dogs.  These are some I created for an article for American Miniaturist Magazine a few years back.  They are very easy to create.  All the chairs and tables are from 1.00 store finds.  Usually about November they start getting them in for Christmas.  The table is round and the chairs are assorted sizes and shapes.  The heads are from unpainted woodlets in the shape of cat and dog heads.  If unavailable in your area cut out of thick cardboard in a simple dog or cat shape and glue onto back of chair. 

The table is round and the top is painted green.  You could use green felt if you wanted.  I then went online to Jim's Printables for the deck of playing  cards and printed them off in color.  You could also punch out little round chips for poker chips from colored paper.  Jims also has paper money you can print out.  Since it is dogs you could also use dog biscuits or gibble for the winnings.

The chairs are painted to appear as the arms on the front feet and the legs are the back legs.  Look at pictures of your favorite dogs for the detail on the faces.  I gave mine a little character for tough guy images.

I made these for a future room box.  I thought a snack table with dog fixings would be cute.  A juke box with dog tunes, pictures of dog athletes, a pool table.  I also had this thought to do a table of lady dogs right next to this table.  Planning is such fun.  This project is very inexpensive and fun to do.  Less than 5.00 .  The rest is the time to do it.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Butteryfly dome
Materials needed for dome and table
Finished dome and table

This was adapted from a project that Martha Stewart had on her program.

You will need butterfly stickers in a very small size, a dome from the fern project from my blog done in  March purchased at the a dollar store.  Thin wire, a scrap of moss, a pizza table from the pizza box(they hold the pizza away from the lid).  Dental floss or waxed linen, white paint, and a scrap of braided braid or hat wicker for the round on the table.  The base on the table I used  a round eraser that fit the dome perfectly.  I tore off the food and used as a base.

Glue the butterflies onto the thin pieces of wire.  You will need about 5 to 7 total.  To look good on all sides, glue butterflies back to back.  When all wires are dry twist in alternating rows and branch out like a tree.  glue onto a base with the moss to help hold in place.  I glued a butterfly onto the top.  The dome I cut about 1 inch off with a drill as it was to high.

To make the table.  Place glue onto legs of table and wrap the waxed linen or floss around like a wicker table.  Glue and wrap each leg.  Cover the table top with textured paper or cross stitch linen.  Glue the scrap of braid around the outside edge to finish it off.  Coat all with 2 or more coats of white paint.  Now you have a wicker table.  I finished off the bottom with small black beads.  These tables are very easy to make and you would never know they were pizza tables when done.  They look good next to a chair  or in a garden room box for refreshments.  If you have a pizza shop that has rectangular tables, they can be stacked and made into corner bookshelfs.  I went into my local pizza shop and they handed me  some without a purchase.  The table they just couldn't see!.  Oh ye of little faith!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fimo fruits  a mini find from Sallys Beauty Supply.Click on picture to enlarge.

I have to share a mini find that I just couldn't believe would be in a beauty supply store.  I went to get conditioner for my hair.  I like to look at the nail polish.  On the wall were these round containers with tiny pieces of fruit and other items inside.  They are to put on nails but they are just right for 1/12 scale food.  The 2 in front are lemon slices, and apple slices.  I will list what are in the other ones.

Strawberry slices, pink and yellow smiley faces ,butterflies , pink and white hearts, leaves, stars, red swirls, kiwi fruit, white and pink dotted circles, lime slices, lemon slices, watermelon slices,  and other slices that have color.     These could be used on plates to garnish, canning jars, over a glass, cookies.  The small containers were on clearence sale for about 2.00 and the large containers were about 4.00.  A lot cheaper than buying the canes and they are sliced paper thin already for you.  An unexpected find in an unexpected store.  They also had decals that could be used for mini labels or canisters.  Tiny diamonds, tiny porcelain flowers with gold details that could be used for pins or broaches for dolls.  I also found some red tiny glitter nail polish to be used on Dorthys shoes from oz.

Sallys Beauty Supply is all over the East Coast, but I am sure other beauty supplies would have the same thing.