Monday, April 2, 2012

Butteryfly dome
Materials needed for dome and table
Finished dome and table

This was adapted from a project that Martha Stewart had on her program.

You will need butterfly stickers in a very small size, a dome from the fern project from my blog done in  March purchased at the a dollar store.  Thin wire, a scrap of moss, a pizza table from the pizza box(they hold the pizza away from the lid).  Dental floss or waxed linen, white paint, and a scrap of braided braid or hat wicker for the round on the table.  The base on the table I used  a round eraser that fit the dome perfectly.  I tore off the food and used as a base.

Glue the butterflies onto the thin pieces of wire.  You will need about 5 to 7 total.  To look good on all sides, glue butterflies back to back.  When all wires are dry twist in alternating rows and branch out like a tree.  glue onto a base with the moss to help hold in place.  I glued a butterfly onto the top.  The dome I cut about 1 inch off with a drill as it was to high.

To make the table.  Place glue onto legs of table and wrap the waxed linen or floss around like a wicker table.  Glue and wrap each leg.  Cover the table top with textured paper or cross stitch linen.  Glue the scrap of braid around the outside edge to finish it off.  Coat all with 2 or more coats of white paint.  Now you have a wicker table.  I finished off the bottom with small black beads.  These tables are very easy to make and you would never know they were pizza tables when done.  They look good next to a chair  or in a garden room box for refreshments.  If you have a pizza shop that has rectangular tables, they can be stacked and made into corner bookshelfs.  I went into my local pizza shop and they handed me  some without a purchase.  The table they just couldn't see!.  Oh ye of little faith!

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