Sunday, April 22, 2012

Car planter garage sale find - Before

Garage sale find after a coat of paint-
not finished-but a big difference

Today I pulled out the car I will be using for my 1910 reunion
 scene.  I got it at a garage sale.   I thought it was cute and just
 about the right scale.  It was ugly looking, made of copper
 colored tin,  but I love to make things into something else. 
 I put the first coat of paint  on today.  Quite a difference. 
 Now I know I can make something out of this. 
 I found some black pleather, thin leather like material,
 in my stash.  I will use it to cover the  convertible top
 which is pressed tin now.The seat will be made out
 of Styrofoam and covered with the same pleather. 

 My Grandmother had an old car similar to this one. 
 It was blue and a hard top.   When she could no longer
 drive she made it into a chicken coop.   It was parked
 next to a stream and the chickens came in and out thru
 the back window.   I remember the seats had buttons and
 were tufted and stuffed with horsehair.  I can remember
 pretending to drive the car and running my hands over
 the buttons.   I enjoyed taking those chickens along
with me on my imaginary trips.   They always rewarded
 me with eggs for spending time with them.  I would
 take them in to Grandma Daisy and we would scramble
 them for lunch.   I will recreate the tufting on the seats. 
  It might take some time to do that,  but it will make a
 big difference in the finished project. 

The lights will be filled with clear glass buttons for 
 lenses.   I will have to make a steering wheel and gear
 shift.    A couple  more coats of paint and some hubs
 to come out of the wheels should finish the car. 
 I think it was a wise investment. 
 $1.00 to be exact!  One man's trash is another
 Miniaturist treasure!!!!

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