Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Card Playing Dogs   click picture to enlarge detail

I have always loved the pictures of the card playing dogs.  These are some I created for an article for American Miniaturist Magazine a few years back.  They are very easy to create.  All the chairs and tables are from 1.00 store finds.  Usually about November they start getting them in for Christmas.  The table is round and the chairs are assorted sizes and shapes.  The heads are from unpainted woodlets in the shape of cat and dog heads.  If unavailable in your area cut out of thick cardboard in a simple dog or cat shape and glue onto back of chair. 

The table is round and the top is painted green.  You could use green felt if you wanted.  I then went online to Jim's Printables for the deck of playing  cards and printed them off in color.  You could also punch out little round chips for poker chips from colored paper.  Jims also has paper money you can print out.  Since it is dogs you could also use dog biscuits or gibble for the winnings.

The chairs are painted to appear as the arms on the front feet and the legs are the back legs.  Look at pictures of your favorite dogs for the detail on the faces.  I gave mine a little character for tough guy images.

I made these for a future room box.  I thought a snack table with dog fixings would be cute.  A juke box with dog tunes, pictures of dog athletes, a pool table.  I also had this thought to do a table of lady dogs right next to this table.  Planning is such fun.  This project is very inexpensive and fun to do.  Less than 5.00 .  The rest is the time to do it.  

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