Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dollar store finds in a garden setting  click picture to enlarge

A few years ago at a Dollar store the Statues of the angel and the Saint were found.  I did not think to much of them at the time, they were all one color of dirty gray.  I bought a couple to see how I could improve them.  Black paint was the first coat and then a spray fix on top.  A turquoise top coat and as soon as that is on I started wiping it off with a wet rag.  The result is a ver-di-gris finish .  I was quite happy with the results and went on to do about 50 or more and sold them at shows when I was still a dealer.  If you look at something with an open mind ideas will come to you. I made the garden scene on a cardboard base and filled in with flowers and moss.  The rocks are made from Fimo granite clay in assorted colors.  The mold I used for these rocks were purchased  at a train store.  It would be boulders for trains, but just the right size for rocks in 1/12 scale.  They have many silicone molds that can be used for miniatures, bricks, boulders, shingles.  Tiny gravels, grass, mosses and other items for gardens and trees.  Building materials are another thing that can be converted into 1/12 scale.  I found corrugated material for roofs and bead board for cupboards I was building.

Dollar store finds in a garden setting click on picture to enlarge

The base for this is also cardboard and the rocks are pebbles found in my driveway.  I used resin for the fish pond and embedded goldfish and Lilly pads before it set.  The water in the water can and pouring out is hot glue.  The cattails are stamens for flowers that I painted brown.  The lilly pads are made from tiny shells that are glued in the formation of a flower just opening up.  I dyed them pink before placing them in the resin.

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