Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fimo fruits  a mini find from Sallys Beauty Supply.Click on picture to enlarge.

I have to share a mini find that I just couldn't believe would be in a beauty supply store.  I went to get conditioner for my hair.  I like to look at the nail polish.  On the wall were these round containers with tiny pieces of fruit and other items inside.  They are to put on nails but they are just right for 1/12 scale food.  The 2 in front are lemon slices, and apple slices.  I will list what are in the other ones.

Strawberry slices, pink and yellow smiley faces ,butterflies , pink and white hearts, leaves, stars, red swirls, kiwi fruit, white and pink dotted circles, lime slices, lemon slices, watermelon slices,  and other slices that have color.     These could be used on plates to garnish, canning jars, over a glass, cookies.  The small containers were on clearence sale for about 2.00 and the large containers were about 4.00.  A lot cheaper than buying the canes and they are sliced paper thin already for you.  An unexpected find in an unexpected store.  They also had decals that could be used for mini labels or canisters.  Tiny diamonds, tiny porcelain flowers with gold details that could be used for pins or broaches for dolls.  I also found some red tiny glitter nail polish to be used on Dorthys shoes from oz.

Sallys Beauty Supply is all over the East Coast, but I am sure other beauty supplies would have the same thing.

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