Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden scene click to enlarge for detail

This is a garden scene that would be very easy and fast to make.  It would be a great evening project for a club or for a children's project.  Anyone would love to receive this for a table favor at a convention.  I won this at a Convention as a door prize.  The base is cardboard covered with green moss for grass.  A bunny and dog are sitting by a pan of white flowers.  The flowers are cut from a floral bush.  The fence is a rusted metal that is so popular right now.  Wood  ones would work as well and are more readily available at craft stores. Moss is stretched out over the fence and tiny pink flowers are glued on that.  The bird house is on a twig and glued to a brown fimo base.  The bush out to the side are beautifully made black eyed susans and goldenrod with greens, dried dill I believe.   A couple of rocks are glued here and there.  I think this was a wonderful prize.  This could be adapted to what ever you have in your stash.  A birdbath or birdhouses on posts with birds sitting on them.  Perhaps a scarecrow with blackbirds and pumpkins on the posts.  A bench in front of the fence with assorted county items on it.  The possibilities are endless.

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