Saturday, April 21, 2012

Goldilocks and the 3 bears before painting
Goldilocks and the3 bears after painting click on picture for details

This is the finished project from April 11, when I showed you the sticks I got in the childrens department at Michaels.

The top picture is how I cut them and glued together.  The feet are from the bottom where I shortened them.  I painted all  using acrylic paints and added detail on with toothpicks.  Bunka is the hair that is unraveled.  The ears on the bears are paper punchouts using a paper punch.  Each bear and girl used 2 of the flat sticks.  One is the back and the other is the front that is cut from to shorten and make seats. 

This was an easy project, I used my exacto knive and sandpaper for the tools.  It would be an ideal project for a club or swap.  I plan on using them in next years Kentucky State Day.  The theme is toys and memories of yesteryear. 

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