Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interesting comparison Nick Cage pictures

This has nothing to do with miniatures unless you want it to.
What it has to do with is very interesting.  The picture on the left is of Actor Nick cage.  The picture on the right is of an unknown man taken from the time of the civil war?  Isn't it uncanny how much they look alike?   A man was trying to sell the old picture on E bay as a picture of Nick Cage 100 years ago , because he said he is a Vampire!   The troubling part was people were bidding on it!

  Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, this one I don't happen to agree with.  But it gave me a great idea for a Halloween box using the pictures.  Since in miniatures we can create anything, anyway we want it, why not  use the pictures for the basis of inspiration for a room box? Vampires seem to be the rage right now.  I haven't brain stormed on this one yet, but I think  This one could be good!   I am not a big Halloween person in real life, but in miniatures it  is so much fun.  I guess because it seems safer and everyone plays by my rules.  It holds the innocence of childhood and everything is created with that in mind.  No evil or darkness as it has become.  It is  3 nights of trick or treating and grocery store bags of treats and goodies that lasted into the next year.  The nastiest trick was corn in mailboxes, or maybe tomatoes.  1950's Halloween was a great time to be alive.! 

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