Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Shop of Horrors Plant  click on picture to enlarge

This is my version of the Little Shop of Horrors plant.  I went to a craft shop that had old flower parts.  The pods that are draped around the flower pot were in a bag for use to make stamens in you own flower.  I saw a plant creature in this one. All that's needed to make this is a similar pod or stamen, a flower pot and floral tape, some lace with a bottom that looks like little teeth and the smallest eyes you can find.

The pot can be antiqued with paint, fill with child's modeling clay and on top coat with glue all over.  Apply dry coffee grounds for the dirt and stick the wires from the pods into the clay and dirt.  Apply tiny eyes.  The teeth are cut from jagged lace in a small strip and glued onto upper or lower jaws.  Cut floral tape in small strips and curl the ends , apply to the wire as arms curled over on to the hips.  This would be perfect in a greenhouse or a Halloween room box.

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