Saturday, April 7, 2012

Making an easy tiled table

Finished tile table

I like the look of tiled tables.  On a recent trip to the scrap book store I found these presticking Mosaic tiles used in scrap booking. These tiles come in all colors and shapes.  I choose the big square for the center and a tiny one for the outside.  The table is a prefinished one, painted plain white.  The only other thing you will need is Nail Hole Filler spackling.  This is the neatest stuff.  It is acrylic and has a sponge applicator on the end with a hole in it.  It applies and smooths in one application.  However, since the spaces are small and it is acrylic you might have to use a second coat.
I learned how to tile in the winter on my kitchen wall. I went to Lowe's saw the tile, asked how to do it.  They hooked me up with all the tools and I came home and completed the kitchen in one afternoon.  This tiny table was a really small job and a very fast and easy project. 

Depending on the size of your table the tiles might work out in the proper order with out making your gaps in between a bit smaller to fit.
Since the tiles are already stuck with sticky tape, just shove  with a little pressure and press down.  Let set for a couple hours for the tape to set.

Using the spackle applicator, apply all over with pressure to push into little slots of tiles.  Let set.  The best way to remove excess is with your finger.  A cloth will take the spackle out of the slots.  Wet you finger and smooth across the tiles in one swoop.  Wipe off fingers and smooth again.  Repeat this process until all is smooth. Run your finger around the outside edges of table to remove any run off.  Let dry and then with a soft cloth, buff off any residue left of tiles.

This tile process would look great on floors in a mini scene, on kitchen back drops in a contemporay kitchen, planter boxes, garden benches.  Michaels has a large selection of these tiles

I want to do a Mary Englebreit kitchen and a table with her color scheme of red, black and yellow would be a fun addition.

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