Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miss Feloney does Red Hat

This dog does get into everything.  I was browsing my pictures before going to bed and I found this one of my daughters dog.  I came up with a room box idea just by looking at it.

In Ohio the Red Hat Society is ever so popular.  I qualify for the age to join, over 55 I believe, but the time just isn't available to be in their functions.  So far all the ones I have met in my area are big in card clubs, going to tea rooms, or just out to eat and a movie.  Of course they wear the red hats and purple outfits.  It looks like they are having a great time socializing, and of course the red and purple garb draws attention wherever they go.  I went on a bus trip a couple of years ago and there were about 12 Red Hats on the bus.  Not a dull moment!

My room box idea is using those plastic skeletons available at Halloween in the Dollar Stores.
I would like to make a tea room and the skeletons would be dressed in the Red Hat garb with the feather boa's and high heels.   Mine would be loaded with gaudy jewelry and bracelets, and designer purses. They will have been shopping with shopping bags all around the tables . The tables would be elegant with all the trimmings of a high tea.  Perhaps a fountain in the center.  I think this would be a hoot!!!   Putting this on my back burner!!  So much to do!

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