Sunday, April 8, 2012

Supplies needed for making bread

Bread in pan and finished breads

You will need basic supplies for making mini bread.

Colored chalks in browns and golds, Pluffy modeling clay by Sculpey,  a clear pan that held the gum in package of Eclipse Gum.
If you have melted butter color glass stain you can use that instead of the chalk to make it look golden brown.

Pluffy is a soft moldable clay like marshmallows.  It stays soft unless you want it permanent and you can bake in oven to keep it forever.  It feels and cuts like real bread when done.  Crayola makes a soft moldable that air dries that can be used as well usually found in the childres department at Michaels or other craft store. 
Shape clay into a mound and put into gum tray. Round off the tops like bread that has been baked. This is a perfect size for bread mold and it makes all you loaves uniform.  Remove from tray and bake in a 275 degree oven for 15 minutes.  When cool use chalks for a golden brown look.  I use gold first and cover with light brown until desired look is acquired.  A coat of Glossy Modge Podge can be used for a buttered look.

This clay can be used for sweet rolls, buns and other bread articles.  A bowl with dough running over would be a great addition to bread making day.

A razor blade can be used to slice the bread.  A plate with fresh bread and a jar of jam would be great on a breakfast tray.  Use a bugle bead in desired jam color.  Top with a jewel find or paper brad for a lid.

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