Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tea time

This room box is a small 8x10 room box built around a picture frame.  The Seattle Name 2010 Convention's theme was around any thing British.  My table favors were the tea table with all the trims.  A tiered cookie tray was made out of 3 plates with clear bugle beads in between, a plate of finger sandwiches made out of fimo with poppy seeds molded in and a white  or yellow foamy sheet glued to replicate egg salad and creme cheese.The table is completed with a tea pot and creme and sugar and a cup of tea.  The tea in the cup was glass stain in a tea color and the sugar in the bowl is small clear white glitter.

The inspiration for the colors was the rug on the floor.  This was an antique hand hooked doily with one end damaged that I found at a resale shop.  The couch and chairs just happened to match.  The dress  I made myself using a silk blouse, Styrofoam round tube and the top of a Barbie cupcake pick with the head cut off.  The wallpaper is scrapbook paper I found to match the rest of the color scheme.

The picture frames on the wall are white plastic ones and I painted them gold.  Jim's printables provided the pictures and wedding certificate.  The picture frame on the outside is a fancy carved gold one that I found at the Dollar tree.  I built the box on the outside using fiberboard.

Our local museum the McKinley Museum, had this on display along with my Victorian Dress Shop when they had a Victorian show case this past year.

If you have a local museum or library with showcases volunteer to display your miniatures.  They are very happy  to accommodate you and the patrons love the miniature displays.  I took pictures of my room boxes and gave them to the library and the museum.  If they have something going in that theme ask them to give you a call. Often there are empty spots in the cases  and they would be happy to fill them.  You need to make that first call.

Our local museum is going to have a Dollhouse Display for about 6 months this year.  They did this about 2 years ago and was one of their most popular displays.  I don't know what I am going to put in it yet, but I look forward to seeing a dollhouse from my past.

  A twist of history and I'm sure not a coincidence story for you about my very first  hand built dollhouse built by my former Engineer husband. The house was started about 1976 and worked on for about 3 years. The house was 2 stories, built just like a real house, hallways, tung and groove floors thru out, hung doors, pantry, real windows, fireplace.  It was about 6 feet long and 4 foot high.  Everything was exact to real house specs.  I wallpapered it with what would have been then colonial paper.  It was a lovely doll house.   My children played with it, it was home to cats and dogs and hamsters.   The neighbor girls and their friends like to play with it more then my daughter, she was more into horses.  It was completely furnished and the pantry stocked with food and dishes.  A bathroom any mini sole would love to have.   It took up a lot of room so when my daughter got older it was delegated to the attic garage of my father.  Over 20 years passed by and during that time the house became the home of a chipmunk.  He used the pantry for nuts and slept in a nest in the bathtub.  He used the paper from the walls in the nest and chewed up some of the floor.  I called him Chippy.  In that time many changes occurred in my life and those I loved.  Children grew up and left the nest, husband took another direction in life, mother and father passed away. It was necessary for me to dissolve a household of 88 years.   I loved the dollhouse but I just did not have the room, and the memories of the past were not easy to handle so I made the decision to let the dollhouse go  in the auction with  my fathers things. 

A Young man bought the house for his girlfriends daughter.
When he took it home his girlfriend was elated and said where did you get this dollhouse?  After explaining, she said I used to play with this dollhouse all the time at my friends house!!

As it turned out she loved the house and now her daughter loves it too!  The whole family chipped in to restore it just as it was, paper and all. When I found out the story, she was related to My sister-in-law's sister,  I donated a large box of furniture and accessories to her.  I was so happy someone I knew could love it as much as I did. It is going to be in the dollhouse show at the museum and I look forward to seeing it again and maybe take pictures.  It truly is a small world.!!!

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