Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unexpected mini find at 1.00 store

Unexpected mini find in kids section of gift shop

When traveling I  look for miniatures wherever my trip takes me.  On a recent trip I found a pencil sharpener in the shape of a pot belly stove.  The stove pipe is bent and a flexable straw will complete the section into the wall.  Would be perfect for any general store or old time office.  I will paint it a flat black of course.  It stand 3 inches high and has a lot of detailing on it.  Sometimes museums have these  in the childrens section.

The orange and green holed object is a game for childen found at a dollar store.  It has small colored disks for tic tac toe.  Those can be used for plates.  When I looked at it I saw a wine rack.  The bottles are 1/12 scale wine bottles.  There are room for 30 bottles.  The swivil green bottom that holds it up would make an ideal base for boxes of grapes. I will paint this to look like wood and fill up each hole with vintage wine.  The whole thing is 4" by 3" high

When I leave home "hopefully" wishing to find a mini treasure, I usually do in unexpected places.

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