Sunday, April 22, 2012

Watermelon in a tub  click on picture for details

Today in Ohio Mother Nature is playing tricks again.  40 degrees, rain and a chance of snow.  Last week we had 80 high.  Today I decided to do chores around the house.   I put on a large pot of coffee and made chocolate peanut butter cup cookies.   However the only chores I did were miniatures.   I starting on a new project, one that I have wanted to do for a long time.   I painted and assembled 25 chairs from kits and also the tables for a 1910 reunion scene.  The picture I shared with you in an earlier blog of this reunion.  The bricks for the streets I am making with Duffs texture sheets that I shared with you the other day.  Running the clay threw a pasta roller just for clay helps to maintain the thickness.  I love those fondant molds.  I was going to have to buy tiny bricks for the street.  Time and lots of money purchasing those.  So much easier to make from clay.  Paint will age it just like I want it.

The above picture is of watermelon in a tub made with nutmeg pods.  I got the pods at a bulk food store in Amish country.  For those of you that do not know, ground up nutmeg comes from the brown pods above.  The whole pod is scraped on a grater and has a wonderful smell. They have a hard shell and sometimes a piece gets into the ground nutmeg that is a tooth cruncher.    I prefer to sift my ground nutmeg to get the big stuff out.  Love the taste in tapioca.

The front pod is painted with acrylic paints and later a few white thin streaks were added.  The water pan is from a craft store just the right size for a Saturday night bath!  I filled the bottom with paper towels and then glued down the pods.  To make them look wet I used Gloss Modge Podge on the pod and extended onto the rest of the paper towels to help glue down the pellets.   The pellets are over filled to allow to dry and then knock off excess.  The pellets I used are the plastic ones for dolls to use as weights in legs and arms.  Most craft stores have them.  If you cannot find these the plastic bake it crystals are becoming popular again.  These are the ones baked into the oven and look like stained glass ornaments.  Look in the children's department for these..   I have had a great time today looking thru my stash for food and assorted plates for the tables.  

I found some doily's at a resale store that were used on the arms of chairs.  Tiny, flower and off white lace and just enough for table cloths for  the tables I plan on using .   They are long and narrow.  I also found all the picnic baskets I plan on using. 

At one of the Name conventions I got a class project from Pat Boldt on a Victorian baby carriage.  I will make that and put it off to the side.  Even though its not in the picture I will take the liberties to think they had one.

I usually start 4 projects at a time.  It takes time for the paint and glue to dry.  So my dedicated work room is usually an unorganized mess to anyone who isn't  into miniatures.  I however know just where everything needs to be.  Just where I put it!

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